Wampa and Porg lightsaber hilt caps

New Wampa and Porg Lightsaber Pommels Waddle Into Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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If your lightsaber seems lonely, you may want to check out the new lightsaber pommels (also known as hilt caps) available at the Creature Stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! These cute critters come in two new (yet familiar) designs: Wampa and Porg. So whether you are traveling through an icy wasteland or exploring tropical islands, these little guys have got your back.


Two New Lightsaber Pommels: The Wampa and Porg

DHS LightsaberPommels 2

We previously found these last week over at Disneyland.

Porg Lightsaber Pommel – $24.99

DHS LightsaberPommels 5

The Porg hilt cap is sold as though it were lovingly hand carved by a Black Spire Artisan. It’s friendly shape and big round eyes makes it the perfect companion for any young Padawan.

DHS LightsaberPommels 6
DHS LightsaberPommels 7

The Porg was first introduced into the Star Wars universe in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, when Rey seeks out training from Master Luke on his hidden island home.

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Wampa Lightsaber Pommel – $24.99

DHS LightsaberPommels 3

This untamed, frightening creature is none other than the monster that tried to eat Luke in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Despite it’s toothy grin, the Wampa hilt cap may be the perfect addition to any Jedi’s lightsaber. Especially if they mean business.

DHS LightsaberPommels 4
DHS LightsaberPommels 8

These feathered and furred friends are not the first hilt caps to have come out recently. Take a look at the Loth cat and Rancor that released earlier this year!

Guests can also take home various other critters from the Creature Stall!

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