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New Mighty Thor Ear Headband and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

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The new Mighty Thor ear headband has arrived at Disneyland Resort, alongside other new “Thor: Love and Thunder” merch. We found these items in the Avengers Super Store at Disney California Adventure.

Mighty Thor Ear Headband – $29.99

mighty thor ear headband 7

Jane Foster will debut as Mighty Thor in “Thor: Love and Thunder” next month.

mighty thor ear headband 2

The ear headband resembles her winged helmet.

mighty thor ear headband 3

Red fabric wraps around the ears, like Mighty Thor’s cape. The wings, overlapping the ears, are silver and gold.

mighty thor ear headband 5

The helmet pieces are made with imitation leather. A golden Nordic design is on the top of the helmet.

mighty thor ear headband 6

The helmet is more than just a bow between the ears. It is made to sit over the whole top of a head.

mighty thor ear headband 1

The inside of the headband is lined with velour, and the helmet piece is plush for comfort.

mighty thor ear headband 4

The headband is black, with silver ends. “Mighty” is embroidered in gold on one side.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” Bottle – $27.99

thor merchandise 0

The bottle is blue, with a Nordic symbol in red, orange, and yellow on one side.

thor merchandise 2

Thor, Mighty Thor (Jane Foster), and Mjölnir are pictured within the symbol.

thor merchandise 5
thor merchandise 6
thor merchandise 1

“Might” is in yellow and purple with lightning around it on the other side.

thor merchandise 7
thor merchandise 4

“Thor: Love and Thunder” Pop Grips – $29.99

thor merchandise 12

This set includes two Pop Grips.

thor merchandise 8

Both are sparkly and iridescent. One features the reassembled Mjölnir.

thor merchandise 9

The other features Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker.

thor merchandise 10

Mjölnir Keychain – $14.99

thor merchandise 13

This glow-in-the-dark keychain resembles Mjölnir, complete with blue lines where it was broken.

thor merchandise 15

Thor Costume – $54.99

thor merchandise 22

Kids can dress up as Thor with this costume, complete with helmet and cape.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
thor merchandise 16
thor merchandise 18

Thor’s helmet is gold with blue lines.

thor merchandise 23

His suit has the same color scheme, with black thrown in.

thor merchandise 20
thor merchandise 24

The suit is made of a top and pants.

thor merchandise 21

The cape is red.

Mighty Thor Costume – $54.99

thor merchandise 26

Kids can choose to be Mighty Thor instead with this costume.

thor merchandise 31
thor merchandise 25

Her helmet is silver with red lines.

thor merchandise 29

Her top is short-sleeved.

thor merchandise 27

It comes with separate wrist gauntlets.

thor merchandise 30

Thor Jacket by Her Universe – $79.99

thor merchandise 32

For adults who want to dress up as the heroes, this jacket by Her Universe resembles their costumes. The front is silver, black, and brown.

thor merchandise 19
thor merchandise 33
thor merchandise 34

The back is mostly red, like their capes.

Thor Tee – $24.99

thor shirt 4

Finally, we found this T-shirt featuring Thor holding Stormbreaker.

thor shirt 1

“Worthy” is printed beneath him, and he is surrounded by blue, white, and black lines.

thor shirt

The shirt is also splattered with white star-like dots.

Tickets for “Thor: Love and Thunder” go on sale this Monday.

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