Excalibur Sword in the Stone Fantasyland with Sleeping Beauty castle stock

PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 6/21/22 (The Longest Day of the Year at the Happiest Place on Earth)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort to meet a Space Ranger, shop for some pins and enjoy the longest day of the year at the Happiest Place on Earth. So join us for this most recent photo report from both parks.

Downtown Disney

Woody and Buzz car Disneyland

On our way in, we caught a couple of stowaways who hopped a ride to get into the resort. They froze still when we looked their way, but they were gone when we turned back a moment later.

msep apparel 152245 scaled

In World of Disney, we found some Main Street Electrical Parade shorts and leggings, which join the growing MSEP collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

msep apparel 152442 scaled
villains spirit jersey 152700 scaled

Also in World of Disney, a new Spirit Jersey lets everyone know that we’re up to no good with the other villains.


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage construction update

We took the Monorail in to the park so we could check on the progress over at Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The lagoon is refilled and the sub hatches are open. It’s only a matter of time before the seagulls land on that buoy again and the ride is ready to reopen.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage construction update 3
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage construction update 4
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage construction update 1

We did see the angler fish hanging out backstage, however, so work is still being done.

MSEP Shirt

On Main Street, U.S.A., the dated Main Street Electrical Parade shirt that was a special release on our last visit is still in stock, and actually more sizes are in stock now than when we were here on the evening of June 17.

Disneyland june 22 pins 101630 scaled

We also picked up this commemorative pin to celebrate the occasion of the MSEP 50th anniversary date.

Disneyland Pins 12

Speaking of pins, there was a motherlode of Disneyland Park pins released today.

Disneyland june 22 pins 101202 scaled

Limited editions, limited releases, jumbos, pin sets, single pins, all celebrating the various attractions of Disneyland Park.

Disneyland june 22 pins 101235 scaled
Disneyland june 22 pins 101443 scaled

The art style on these is just adorable. You can see all the pins we found today in our post right here.

lady and the tramp dooneys 105529 scaled

We also found a new collection of Dooney & Bourke bags featuring “Lady and the Tramp” at Disney Clothiers.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland stock

It was a beautiful day today, and it’s also the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Since we’re not burning daylight as fast as any other day of the year, we took some time to go on a little photo tour of some sunny spots around Fantasyland.

Excalibur Sword in the Stone Fantasyland with Sleeping Beauty castle stock
Cinderella chateau Storybook Land Canal Boats Disneyland stock
Monstro eye Storybook Land disneyland

Everything is so beautiful here at Disneyland, it’s hard to take a bad picture.

toontown construction 2

Up in Toontown, the spire of the El CapiTOON Theater is receiving more embellishments as construction continues.

toontown const

And we can see through an unprotected area that the ground in the entry walkway has been all torn up to excavate the dirt.

Columbia at Disneyland stock

In New Orleans Square, there has been no major visible change to Pirates of the Caribbean or the former Tarzan’s Treehouse. Everything is behind walls and tarps. But the bridge over the Pirates entrance affords a nice vantage point to take in the view of the Rivers of America.

new trash cans hungry bear

Hungry Bear Restaurant has received new trash cans with bilingual wording. The recycling can now has an area for liquids and the “Food Only” can is brand new.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
SWGE screenshot

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge still doesn’t display in the app at certain zoom levels, and is instead covered with the green foliage and wording that was hiding the land before opening. Seeing as it’s been just over three years since the land was revealed on the map and opened to the public, hopefully this can get fixed soon.

Boba fett swge vertical stock

Inside the Marketplace of Black Spire Outpost, Boba Fett was hanging around to make sure there was no trouble.

black spire belt bag 121358 scaled

And at Black Spire Outfitters, we found this awesome new belt bag on a braided belt with a Black Spire Outpost logo patch.

stormtroopers Hyperspace mountain vertical stock disneyland

Outside of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we ran into some trouble with an Imperial presence in Tomorrowland outside of Hyperspace Mountain.

Captain Buzz Lightyear stock

Captain Buzz Lightyear helped us out of our scrape with the Stormtroopers and we’re grateful for Star Command’s help.

captain buzz lightyear stock vertical

We first met Captain Lightyear when he was meeting over at Tomorrowland Terrace stage, but he has since moved to the former Space Mountain FastPass distribution area with his own fancy backdrop.

its a small world clock 1 pm disneyland park hopping stock

It’s 1:00 p.m. and that means it’s time to park hop over to…

Disney California Adventure

Seaside Souvenirs

Seaside Souvenirs is undergoing a refurbishment, and at one point we thought that it was going to receive a name change when the sign was patched over to hide the name. But the whole billboard has been repainted now and is looking new and spiffy.

Seaside Souvenirs new sign

The other billboard has also been repainted and has the Seaside Souvenirs name back on a scroll made of mesh metal.

seaside souvenirs new sign mesh
Scarlet Witch meet and greet Disneyland app screenshot

Characters in Avengers Campus are finally listed in the Disneyland app with meeting times. It has sometimes been a headache trying to find out when our favorite characters will be appearing between missions on campus, and while it’s not a specific time of when we can see someone, it’s a ballpark window which is much better than what it was before — namely, just hang out and see if your favorite Avenger is even here today.

amazing spider man stuntronic show

While in Avengers Campus, we couldn’t pass up the chance to see Spidey swing into action.

amazing spider man show avengers campus

He’s almost as impressed as we are that he stuck the landing.

Route 66 sign in Cars Land at DCA stock

It’s getting warmer as the day goes on, and wait times are climbing steadily.

Grad Night Reunion Karaoke Disco DCA

The Grad Nite Reunion event is on its way and one of the stages is already set up outside Pacific Wharf Café for Karaoke Disco.

Faded Pixar Pier DCA

One final parting shot from Pixar Pier. It’s a warm day on the pier, but it’s so beautiful out that it feels like a postcard kind of day.

Micke Premium bar or Mickey ice cream sandwich

Now for the most important decision of the day — how to cool off: Mickey Premium Bar or Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich? Let us know your vote in the comments below.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. We’ll see ya real soon!

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