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PHOTO REPORT: Universal Studios Hollywood 6/9/22 (A Visit to USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night)

Quiet on set; we’re ready to roll! We headed out to Universal Studios Hollywood today for the USH Pass Member Park Takeover event, and we got there early so we could see what else is new before the sun went down. So come along to see everything we found at Universal Studios Hollywood in today’s photo report.


Voodoo Doughnut Jurassic Doughnut USH scaled

Before we headed into the park for the nighttime event, we needed to load up on sugar with this new Jurassic World: Dominion themed doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut. You can see our full review on our YouTube channel, or by clicking on the video below:

Upper Lot

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night entrance with arch stock

We were here for the event but it didn’t start until later in the evening, so we headed into the park to see the setup process.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night DJ Stage before opening

The focal point to the takeover event was in Universal Plaza with the Coke Party Zone. This was the same area that was set up for Grad Bash, but now has USH Pass Member decals on the DJ booth.

Grad Bash signs USH

The bottom runners still featured the tossed grad caps and even the digital signs still read Grad Bash as the switch over was made.

ghostbusters employee welcome kit 180615 scaled

Inside the Universal Studios Store, Upper Lot, we found a new Ghostbusters Employee Welcome Kit for any aspiring ghost hunters out there.

mario kart merch181718 scaled

Across the way at Feature Presentation featuring Super Nintendo World, we found some new Mario Kart merchandise including kids pajamas, a super cool buckle backpack, keychains, road signs and more.

mario kart merch181808 scaled
Minion Sunglasses popcorn bucket in stock

There are plenty of the new Minion popcorn bucket still in stock. One might say TOO MANY Minions, in fact.

Lower Lot

Super Nintendo World construction Update 1

Super Nintendo World is coming along nicely.

SNW Const Update 2
SNW Const update
SNW early 2023 sign USH

The opening date has been released only as “Early 2023” and that is now reflected here on the construction wall sign.

Lower Lot USH Smog

As the sun starts to set, with the light coming in at an angle, the smog can really be seen in earnest. It’s hard to get a clean shot inside Super Nintendo World because of the heavy, side-lit smog.

SNW with LA Smog

It’s just yuck out today.

LA Smog

And it’s not just around the park, it’s the whole valley. The whole LA basin, in fact.

Jurassic World the Ride at Sunset

As the sun’s rays painted the tops of buildings and the evening approached, it was time for the Pass Members to take over the park for the event.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Event

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night badge pickup

Check-in and lanyard disbursement was at the far right side of the entrance turnstiles.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night sign and badge

We received our commemorative credential and were ready to hit the park.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night Universal Plaza at Sunset stock

The sunset and clouds made a beautiful backdrop for entering the main attraction of the takeover — the Coca-Cola Party Zone in Universal Plaza.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night DJ area

The area featured dueling DJs, which was less dueling and more just two DJs hyping each other up.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night lawn games

There were also lawn games, themed to Coca-Cola.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
ush ap takeover 005438 scaled

Two sitting areas were at the edge of Universal Plaza to enjoy the very loud music and sip your complimentary sample of Coca-Cola Starlight, their new limited edition flavor.

ush ap takeover 005512 scaled
USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night abandoned cokes

This led to both sitting areas being littered with abandoned cans within minutes of opening.

For fans of classic Coca-Cola, Mel’s was also offering a Chocolate Coca-Cola Float for purchase. We got to try this float recently, and you can see our full reaction on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video above:

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night Mels Chocolate Coca Cola float menu

Universal was very proud of the fact that “it’s not on the menu, so you’ve got to ask for it when you order,” according to their email and website statements. Except that it is on the menu, stuck as a window decal to every cash register.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night photo booth

Set up in a few locations throughout the park were these green screen photo booths where guests could digitally stand in front of a branded step-and-repeat for the event.

USH Studio Tour at Night Amity area Jaws

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride the Studio Tour at night. We usually do the tour during the day, so seeing it all lit up at night is a real treat.

USH Studio Tour at Night Amity area Jaws 2

Amity is just beautiful at night.

Bates Motel at Night USH

And despite the bright lights and the dark darks, it’s still cool get this imposing photo of the Psycho house and Bates Motel.

Lower Lot

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night Lower Lot DJ

Another DJ was set up on the Lower Lot in front of Jurassic World — the Ride.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night lower lot
USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night Year photo op

The photo ops set up for the Grad Bash were left out and turned on for guests of the takeover event as well.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night Jurassic World gobo stock

A gobo for Pass Members lit up the side of Jurassic World — the Ride, and we couldn’t resist a nighttime trip on the river.

Jurassic World the Ride Single Rider sign

When we went to board, we noticed that the single rider line is back open again.

Jurassic World the Ride single rider

You can ride along with us to see the river cruise at night during the takeover event on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video below:

Lower Lot empty at night USH stock

With the event drawing to a close, we took the opportunity to take some nice photos of the park at night.

Universal City Sign USH Stock

The very active lights shooting out from Universal Plaza made for a nice backdrop.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Empty night stock ush

And as the park emptied out, we could take our time with nice, clean shots.

USH Pass Member Park Takeover Night Entrance arch projection
Universal Globe USH stock night

Thanks for riding along with us on our photo report from Universal Studios Hollywood. That’s a wrap!

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