Walt Disney Company Will Cover Travel Expenses for Employees Seeking Abortions

The United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade this morning, making it possible for states to ban abortions outright. The Walt Disney Company then informed all employees that they will pay for travel expenses related to abortion services.

Disney said in the communication that they are committed to removing barriers and providing comprehensive, quality, and affordable healthcare for all employees and their families. This includes reproductive care and family planning.

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73 thoughts on “Walt Disney Company Will Cover Travel Expenses for Employees Seeking Abortions”

    • Disney we the majority highly respect your strength and doing what’s right until we the good people can have this corrupt repulican abortion law overturned for our freedom once again. Remember to vote BLUE for freedom!!!

  1. If you do not like a state’s political ideology leave and go to one that you support. That is what our founders intended. Each state was to be its own exercise in Democracy with a very limited federal government.

  2. Oh great! Disney is in the murder business now. Adoption exist for a reason. Yea, I’m not giving Chapek my money!

  3. Why should I support a company that takes it’s profits to support this. I am done with Disney.

  4. I wish we could just stick to actual park updates. I don’t care about things politically, that’s both sides. I come here to get away from those type of things.

    • I’m glad that Disney cares about the lives of their employees and will be supporting them in the decisions that affect THEIR OWN bodies❤️

    • Wrong, they read it correctly. Supporting women’s reproductive rights puts them in the majority with the rest of the country.

    • Oh they did. MOST Disney lovers support their decision. It’s YOU who’ve failed to read the room. YOU are the minority.

  5. WTF is this, Disney??? You can’t seem to stay out of the political realm, further polarizing your customer and employee base. You are NOT a government entity nor health care provider. You are an entertainment company. It is time you simply act like one, enough of this woke and political nonsense.

    • First of all abortion is not political, it’s healthcare. Thank you Disney for caring about the health of your employees!

        • Have you tried asking the babies about their rights? I have. It’s always the same: No comment. They refuse to weigh in.

          As a private company, Disney can provide whatever healthcare they want to their employees. Abortion falls under healthcare. Also, it’s not a political issue even though one side insists on making it one. It’s a human rights issue. Arguments can be made as to when a fetus is considered a viable human, but there is no firm, agreed-upon answer to that. One thing that IS clear, though: The majority of the country supports women’s reproductive rights, which puts you firmly in the minority.

    • I am with you on that. Disney needs to stay out of the political side of things and stay with the entertainment side. I will NOT be bringing my family there at all.

    • They’re an entertainment company and also the largest employer in the state of Florida. Why should they be precluded from doing this?

      • Makes me proud to work for such a forward thinking company who stands up for the basic rights of people and says no to entitled bigotry.

    • Actually does provide healthcare for its employees and as a female full time employee this is very beneficial to my life and well being to know the company I’m giving my every day and all to, cares about my well being as a human as well.

    • It’s about restoration of the right to choose and freedom and Disney “IS DOING THE RIGHT THING” by standing up for these freedoms!!!

  6. It’s a business that can do what it wants and where it wants. It’s not breaking any laws so shut up and enjoy your time at Six Flags. You can take your money elsewhere and leave more room in the parks, thanks so much.

    • Right on Noneya!! These people are ridiculous! They make such hypocritical comments if anyone states a comment contrary to their own. I love Disney for doing this!

    • It is disappointing that you reject and discard contrary opinions to yours. Abortion is a very emotional subject on both sides. I wish you would do better.

  7. I will be spending all my vacations at Disney now, they can have all my money. Thank God for companies like this who care about the women who work for them.

    • There not melissa many are leaving due to this its not a good day at the parks it was sad one many wondering if they should wrking there at all very tragic had to console many a friend. This is not walts dream at all! Shame on wdwnt for making it seem like everyone is on board many lost hope in wdw long time ago this just added. Its not about womens rights its about how wdw is running straight for the ground. No wonder everyone wants it out of fl!

    • That is your opinion. What about the mental health of the thousands of employees who have a humanistic and moral objection to abortion. Are they less important as the employees who seek abortions? Now that Disney is endorsing the practice of abortion, what do they do for those employees?

  8. Way to go Disney! More people and companies need to stand up together to stop this horrific abuse of power!

    • Exactly how is it an abuse of power? Legitimate Supreme Court judges returning abortion access to the state. Not abolishing it. Roe vs. Wade was an improper decision. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated as such. An argument as to if Disney should support such a polarizing thing such as abortion is an entirely different discussion

  9. Congratulations to Disney for ensuring their female employees have fair and equitable access to healthcare!

  10. I love , once again, all the “Disney needs to stay out of,politics” from the exact same people who supported hobby lobby, citizens United, and the anti-gay wedding baker! Your supreme court has explicitly said corporations have the same free speech rights as people. So, rock on Disney! Say it; say it loud!

    • They can do it, just like the others held their beliefs. but hobby lobby and a guys cake shop are not publicly owned. Disney stock price plummeting puts them in a position and validates the statement “just stay out of politics”. It’s literally costing other people money not just Disney. And no I don’t own stock.

    • I think you are missing the point. It’s not a matter of “could” they but rather “should” they fully exercise free speech. The constitutional right of free speech is unofficially different for large corporations because of their public visibility and the vast populations they serve. They “should” keep their mouths shut and stick to what they know. It is much different from average citizens like you and I who can say and protest what we want to because we don’t serve large masses. We have no one to potentially alienate.

  11. I will never set foot on Disney property again!!! It’s a place I dearly love but current management and CEO’s haven’t a clue how they are screwing up! Abortion goes against God…. Go Desantis, make them pay ten fold!!!

  12. Disney is doing this because it’s cheaper and faster to get the employees back to work, oh good you need three days for us not to have to accommodate you,we don’t need to give you maternity leave or worry about you missing shifts due to the child we don’t have to provide health insurance for? This is an easy way to save money and seem like they care about its employees.

  13. Wow, I guess magic really does happen at Disney. One minute Snow Whites knocked up and the next she’s not! Impressive! You should have kept your nose in the amusement and entertainment business, you were good at it and stayed out of politics. I hope you decide to close down and leave Florida.

  14. It is getting harder and harder to look the other way with Disney. Now they support killing future guests! As a stock holder the current direction of the Disney company is unsustainable.

  15. Comcast – which owns Universal Studios – has the same policy. Comcast’s policy is “up to $4,000 per incident with a cap of $10,000 per person per year.”

  16. BIG-TIME QUESTION: Where would THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY be today if Walt Disney’s future mother had exercised her “woman’s right” to murder him in her womb…?

    The point is this: As long as ‘individuals’ lacking in ‘common sense morality’ continue to steal…to rape…to murder (…be it in the womb or otherwise…), laws will be enacted (…and upheld…) restricting ‘their despicable’ actions and behavior…no if[s]…no and[s]…no but[s]. “…LIKE IT OR LUMP IT…”.

    God only knows, I have ‘my sins’ to atone for too…but NOTHING like ‘the murdering’ of the 😇 innocent and unborn.

    I’m quite confident that wherever WALTER ELIAS DISNEY resides ‘in heavenly places’…he is thoroughly pleased with this decision from THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF 🇺🇸 AMERICA…!

    If possible…have a nice day…and ‘long live’ MICKEY MOUSE and DONALD DUCK…!!!


  17. Disney does not care about this on a moral level one way or the other. Don’t kid yourself. It’s cheaper for them if their employees don’t get pregnant/have babies. No paid leave, less unproductive time at work. Fewer new people to train.

  18. Oh mercy. THIS should be on the stockholders list of votes for the year. Bob has taken this company from politically neutral to the scorn of half of Americans. How can this be good for business? Has anybody amongst the higher ups noticed the stock price is HALF of what it was a year ago? So, let’s give consumers a reason to spend money elsewhere. That seems like a winning business strategy.

  19. This will be a nightmare for companies doing this. Any restrictions on how they carry this out will end up back in the news or on twitter. Employees won’t be able to resist. Who says you even have to get the procedure. Maybe I change my mind…free trip and a few steak dinners on Disneys dime. Hell can you even ask for proof they are pregnant if it’s medical.

  20. As a Healthcare Provider, I do not understand that at all. Abortion is a personal thing & I cannot believe that they’d support such a thing. I am pro-choice professionally but pro-life personally unless there are extenuating circumstances. There are so many want-to-be mothers… this is coming from me, who at one time seriously considered being a surrogate for a good friend… I’m just sad that they would get involved in something like this… :(
    Stay neutral Disney to meet all your consumers!!

  21. I wonder if “reproductive care and family planning“ includes benefits for those who are struggling to have a family / children? So many employees struggle with infertility or need the assistance of IVF / surrogate to have a family. If employers are “committed to removing barriers and providing comprehensive, quality, and affordable healthcare for all employees and their families“ then include real benefits for those who want to bring a life into this magical place but need help to do so! That would be the equitable thing to do.

  22. I still can’t figure out why Disney is assisting in killing off what is, in essence, their future customers (i.e., children). Just no logic there….

  23. I understand that there are certain circumstances where people would want to Not have a baby. Such as rape or some other crazy situation. But there should be a given time in order to do that that is what adoptions for in the adoptions for and there are plenty of people out there who would love to have a child!! What bothers me greatly here is a company that’s supposed to be bringing children into their company and making children feel good that they’re giving money to people to take out their child. How does nobody see how weird and wrong this is for Disney to be doing. You should not be giving people money to go do this. Go do a state that allows it and that’s it the fact that a company gives money to money to take children out that that is all about children gildron is just bizarre. How about set up something where the adult has A person to adopt a child! And yes they are your bodies but you are given a very great Ability to give birth and should not waste it. Again at a certain point and then it’s not OK but we’re Disney is paying for this where they’re trying to bring children and families in just seems very very weird. With Great-Power comes great responsibility. Corny yes but right.

  24. I let my annual passes expire a few years ago. I will make sure to buy another 2 asap. Thank you for standing up for women’s rights!!!

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