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More New ‘Jaws,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ and ‘E.T.’ Merchandise at Universal Studios Hollywood

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More new classic movie merchandise, featuring “Jaws,” “Back to the Future,” and “E.T.,” has arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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The Loungefly “Jaws” collection has arrived, but we weren’t allowed to remove them from the display case without purchasing. The wallet is $55, the crossbody is $79, and the backpack is $82.

“Jaws” Youth Tee – $28

classic movie merch 110401

This raglan has blue sleeves and a white torso. A shark is pictured in blue over a red “Jaws” logo.

classic movie merch 110419

The back is blank.

“Jaws” Magnets – $10

classic movie merch 110438 scaled

This set includes two magnets. One is striped red, white, and blue, and features a shark. The other is striped red and blue with a “Jaws” stamp across it.

“Jaws” Shark Mug – $25

classic movie merch 105707 1

This adorable mug is shaped like a very round shark, with the “Jaws” logo in red on the side.

classic movie merch 105709 1

The handle is shaped like the shark’s tail.

classic movie merch 105717 1
classic movie merch 105713 1

It has beady black eyes (“like a doll’s eyes”) and rows of white teeth.

classic movie merch 105719 1

Amity Island “Jaws” Mug – $15

classic movie merch 105809 1

This mug is white with a logo for Amity Island Shark Tours, “an adventure of a lifetime.”

classic movie merch 105818 1

The logo, featuring a shark at the center, is on both sides of the mug.

classic movie merch 105813 1

The mug has a red interior.

classic movie merch 105820 1

“Back to the Future” Mug – $15

classic movie merch 105914 1

This frosted mug is black, with a retro neon version of the “Back to the Future” logo over triangles and stripes.

classic movie merch 105923 1

The DeLorean and lightning bolts shoot out of the logo on both sides.

classic movie merch 105916 1

The interior is blue.

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classic movie merch 105925 1

“Back to the Future” Tank – $25

classic movie merch 105946

This tank has similar neon colors.

classic movie merch 105959

It’s white and features the “Back to the Future” logo, the DeLorean, and the flux capacitor.

classic movie merch 110014

The back is blank.

“E.T.” Tee – $35

classic movie merch 115727 scaled

This tee is heather grey. It reads “I <3 E.T.” next to three rectangles featuring different images from the film. “E.T. 40” is at the bottom, in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary.

classic movie merch 115739 scaled

The back is blank.

Classic Movies Bucket Hat – $28

classic movie merch 105618

This black bucket hat has an all-over pattern of images from the three films.

classic movie merch 105615

Of course, E.T., the shark, and the DeLorean are featured. It also reads “88 MPH,” “No Swimming,” and “Phone Home.”

classic movie merch 105631

Film strips and clapboards are in a subtle grey within the pattern.

Classic Movies VHS Socks – $26

classic movie merch 110313

The box for this pair of socks resembles a VHS tape.

classic movie merch 110314

The packaging even has a worn sticker for the triple feature of “Jaws,” “E.T.,” and “Back to the future.”

classic movie merch 110323 1
classic movie merch 110344

The socks inside have the same pattern as the bucket hat.

Check out more “Jaws,” “Back to the Future,” and “E.T.” merchandise from Universal Studios Hollywood.

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