Halloween Horror Nights Construction Visible in Backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Terror Tram will be back at Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights 2022, so we hopped on the World Famous Studio Tour this week to check out construction on the backlot.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114356

The Jupiter’s Claim set from “Nope” has already opened as part of the regular tram tour, but will be integrated into the Terror Tram too.

hhn tram backlot 2022 105649

We passed by this yellow and red circus tent, likely the entrance for the Killer Klowns from Outer Space house.

hhn tram backlot 2022 105642

Trusses with lights and a tent for construction workers were up in front of the tent.

hhn tram backlot 2022 105646

String lights run from the top of the tent to the ground.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114403

Elsewhere on the tram tour was this spooky jack-o’-lantern flat.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114406

It reads “Happy Harry Halloween” above a dark doorway and sits in front of black walls.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114409

Nearby fences are topped with jack-o’-lanterns too.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114422

More wooden fences wrap around each other at the Bates Motel set.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114425

Lights on poles point down at the ground among the fences.

hhn tram backlot 2022 114428
hhn tram backlot 2022 114431

We saw a few construction workers on set.

hhn tram backlot 2022 113543

More fences and construction materials were right next to the Bates mansion.

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