REVIEW: New Jurassic World Dominion Daiquiri and Amber Mojito Cocktails at Jurassic Cafe in Universal Studios Hollywood

Two new refreshing cocktails are available at Jurassic Café in Universal Studios Hollywood: the Jurassic World Dominion daiquiri and Jurassic Park Amber Mojito.

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The non-alcoholic pre-existing Raptor Refresher and new Pyroraptor Refresher can also be turned into cocktails for $16 total.

You can watch our video review of these cocktails on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video below, and keep scrolling for more photos and our full review.

Jurassic World Dominion Daiquiri – $16

Raptor Refresher mixed with rum and topped with coconut shavings, lime, and a maraschino cherry

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While this fits the explicit definition of a cocktail, it’s really just the Raptor Refresher blue punch with a small float of rum on the top.

jurassic cafe drinks 140709

It was not shaken, stirred, nor combined in any way.

jurassic cafe drinks 140654

Using the lime garnish to squeeze a bit of acidity into this cup of sugar does help a bit, but it’s still just a blue punch.

jurassic cafe drinks 140652

It tastes like a melted blue gummy shark, and while blue gummy sharks are delicious, they don’t work so well as a drink.

Jurassic Park Amber Mojito – $16

Rum mojito mixed with cream soda and bursting kiwi boba, topped with a fresh mint sprig

jurassic cafe drinks 142507

The daiquiri let us down, but this picked us right back up.

jurassic cafe drinks 142503

This cocktail is premixed and poured from a beverage dispenser, then topped with cream soda and kiwi popping pearls.

jurassic cafe drinks 142518

This is decidedly less sweet and more citrus-forward, helping to cut through the sugar that is there.

jurassic cafe drinks 142522

It’s more balanced and easily drinkable — which can be dangerous because we could have gone through several of these cocktails. On a hot day, this is cool, refreshing, delicious, and just sweet enough.

jurassic cafe drinks 142649

It’s still not the best cocktail available down on the Lower Lot, but it’s no slouch and the most palatable drink to come out of Jurassic Café.

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