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Lil’ Boo Socks, Candy, Decals, and More Arrive for Halloween Horror Nights 31 at Universal Orlando Resort

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With just over a week to go before the start of Halloween Horror Nights 31, even more merchandise has crept into Universal Orlando Resort. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Chucky T-Shirt – $30.00

hhn 31 chucky t shirt 1

Despite not being part of any announced plans for the event, Chucky has carved his way into the merchandise lineup with this black t-shirt, which features the 2022 logo in red on the sleeve.

hhn 31 chucky t shirt 2

We found this at the Five & 10 in Universal Studios Florida.

Studio Screamers Multi-Use Decal Sheet – $12.00

studio screamers decal sheet 5

The Studio Screamers are back on a decal sheet, which features cute versions of such classic monsters as Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man, along with Michael Myers and Halloween Horror Nights icons like The Director and the Pumpkin Lord.

studio screamers decal sheet 2

For something a little less frightening, the set also includes none other than Casper the Friendly Chost.

studio screamers decal sheet 1
studio screamers decal sheet 3

“Every Day is Halloween” Multi-Use Decal Sheet – $12.00

every day is halloween decal sheet 5

Additional decal sheets were released for the “Every Day is Halloween” and Lil’ Boo lines, with plenty of removable, reusable decals for each.

every day is halloween decal sheet 3
every day is halloween decal sheet 2
every day is halloween decal sheet 1

Lil’ Boo Multi-Use Decal Sheet – $12.00

lil boo decal sheet 1
lil boo decal sheet 2
lil boo decal sheet 4
lil boo decal sheet 6
lil boo decal sheet 5
lil boo decal sheet 3

Lil’ Boo Socks – $26.00

lil boo socks 1

Fans of Lil’ Boo can also enjoy the wide-eyed jack-o’-lantern on this pair of socks, which also features cobwebs and candy corn on black and purple stripes.

lil boo socks 2
lil boo socks 3

Studio Screamers Casper the Friendly Ghost Marshmallow Treats – $10.00

studio screamers casper marshmellow treats 1

What’s Halloween without some candy? Casper appears on this bag of marshmallow treats, just one of many candy items that have recently been released.

studio screamers casper marshmellow treats 2

The treats come three to a bag.

studio screamers casper marshmellow treats 3
hhn 31 lollipops 2

Lollipop lovers can find plenty to enjoy with pops in a variety of Halloween shapes.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

Creamsicle Flavor Jack-o’-Lantern Lollipop – $5.00

creamsicle flavor jack o lantern pop 1

Cotton Candy Flavor Ghost Lollipop – $5.00

cotton candy flavor ghost lollipop 1
cotton candy flavor ghost lollipop 2

Sour Grape Flavor Witch Lollipop – $5.00

sour grape flavor ghost lollipop 1
hhn 31 cat skull candy masks 1

For something larger (which you can wear while you eat), there are mask lollipops as well.

Cherry Flavor Cat Mask Lollipop – $10.00

cherry flavor cat mask 1

Marshmallow Flavor Skull Mask Lollipop – $10.00

marshmallow flavor skull mask 1
marshmallow flavor skull mask 2

Studio Screamers Denim Jacket – $95.00

studio screamers denim jacket 2

If decals aren’t enough, the Studio Screamers appear on a new black denim jacket.

studio screamers denim jacket 1

Frankenstein peeks over the Halloween Horror Nights logo above the front pocket.

studio screamers denim jacket 3

The rest of the characters appear on the back.

“Every Day is Halloween” Waist Bag – $32.00

every day is halloween waist bag 1

Finally, jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, scarecrows, and skeletons await on this waist bag.

every day is halloween waist bag 5
every day is halloween waist bag 3
every day is halloween waist bag 2
every day is halloween waist bag 6

in keeping with the theming, the zippers are colored orange and green.

every day is halloween waist bag 4

More ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, and skulls appear on the lining.

every day is halloween waist bag 7

The catchphrase from the collection appears on the strap.

We found the above items at All Hallows Eve Boutique in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

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