REVIEW: Interesting Coconut-Strawberry Lemonade from Red Rose Taverne in Disneyland

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REVIEW: Interesting Coconut-Strawberry Lemonade from Red Rose Taverne in Disneyland

Summertime is a great season for berries and tropical fruit, and they come together at Red Rose Taverne in Disneyland with the new Coconut-Strawberry Lemonade!

You can see our video review of this drink and all the other new flavors that hit the resort this week on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video below. And keep scrolling for more photos and our full review:

Coconut-Strawberry Lemonade – $5.49

featuring Minute Maid® Zero Sugar Lemonade

coconut strawberry lemonade 1

The beverage has arrived early, as it wasn’t scheduled to debut until August 21. This is a traditional Minute Maid strawberry lemonade topped with a coconut cream.

coconut strawberry lemonade 2

It’s very creamy and it tasted a little strange with almost a hint of smoke flavor, though we couldn’t identify whether that was coming from the straw or the cream. It wasn’t fully off-putting, just out of place. That being said, once it’s mixed into the lemonade, the smoke flavor is largely taken care of and it becomes one uniform drink that is creamy and sweet.

coconut strawberry lemonade 4

The coconut cream does help to give some fluff and body to the lemonade, and the small note of citrus from the lemonade helps to cut through the sweetness and thicker aspects of the cream. It’s well balanced, but nothing seriously exceptional. Overall, I enjoyed it and would likely get it again.

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