Halloween Donald Duck Candy Corn Sipper Arrives Early at Walt Disney World, NOT Party Exclusive

Today, we were able to find the Donald Duck Candy Corn Sipper in Magic Kingdom! He has materialized at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square, though we have also found him in Hollywood Studios.

When we found him, he had a bit of a line, though his adorable costume and candy pail make up for any time spent waiting.

Donald Sipper Line

We would recommend getting here early if you want to grab one. This adorable Donald sipper is sure to go quickly given no purchase limits are being enforced.

Donald Candy Corn Sipper – $13.00 + Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Donald Sipper Close

Unlike Disneyland Resort, the souvenir container was $13.00 here, however it had to be purchased with any nonalcoholic beverage, increasing the price to roughly $16.99.

Donald Sipper Pumpkin

Donald is the perfect accessory for fall, adding festive cheer to the park and any outfit.

Donald Side Sipper

Donald has his head sticking out from his candy corn costume, in an excited and expressive stance.

Donald diagonal

Donald has eyes with a blue background and a detailed duck bill.

Donald pail

He is holding a candy pail with a matching face as the hosts within the strap.

Diagonal Donald

There are hinges to hold the strap to the sides of the sipper. He features a purple carrying strap with ghostly figures and his own image.

Donald Back open

The white tip of his candy corn costume reveals the straw for the sipper.

Donald Back Closed

The back folds up making him a delicious looking decoration. He has a plastic base for easy display, making him perfect to wear or show off.

What do you think of Donald as well as the new purchase limit? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us for more details on newly released items.

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