New Wizarding World Spell Map and Metal Marker Coins Arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood

On our most recent visit to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, we noticed this new spell map to go along with the medallions we recently found. This map will allow you to track and record your spells, and where they are best used.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Spell Marker Map – $22.00

Spell marker map full

The medallion locations are concealed with a thick piece of card that can easily be removed or reinserted based on preference, allowing you to track which spells you’ve completed.

Spell marker map closed

The map folds up to a wonderful thick red booklet reminiscent of a train ticket book. This makes not only a wonderful display piece but an accessory for fans to have traveling around the park.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter map zoom

While we have all of the markers available at Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood has nine out of eleven medallions currently available.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Spell Markers – $8.00

As of now, only nine of the eleven medallions are available, representing the locations where you stand to place these spells. Ventus and Wingardium Leviosa are out of stock, but are sure to return soon.

Medallion 1

This medallion to show your mastery of botany can be purchased and placed inside the map.

Medallion 2

This Alohomora marker will remind you how to properly unlock doors throughout the Wizarding World.

Medallion 3

This medallion is useful for countering any particularly pesky spells.

Medallion 4

Silencio is a perfect addition to your collection, particularly if you are a fan of peace and quiet.

Medallion 5

This Locomotor Music Box charm will move you with its dazzling display, whether using it at the location, or showing it off at home.

Medallion 6

Incendio will spark interest in even the less invested of Wizarding World fans.

Medallion 7

Revelio can reveal hidden treasures, but only if you are sure to find it first.

Medallion 8

Does this Arresto Momentum marker stop you in your tracks?

Medallion 9

Finally, this Descendo and Ascendo marker will help you complete your collection.

Spell marker back

The back of the medal markers contain the logo for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a generic Universal Studios logo.

With each of the markers costing $8.00 and the map itself costing $22, the entire set costs $110. While all the medallions are not available yet, will you be picking these up when the remainder come out? Let us know in the comments below!

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