PHOTOS: Preparation Begins for Hurricane Ian at Magic Kingdom

As we walked into Magic Kingdom, we noticed preparations for Hurricane Ian at Walt Disney World Resort.

entry cake removal

One of the first things we noticed was the cake removed from the entrance topiary. However, the larger topiaries and decorations remained in place.

entry pumpkin removal

The pumpkins near the entrance to Main Street, U.S.A., were removed, likely as a safety concern due to the high winds.

entry pumpkin removal

The larger decorations, as we see with the pumpkin scarecrows, have remained in the small patches near the front of the park, still making it a festive entrance.

entry pumpkin removal

The pumpkins appear to have been hastily removed, as you can still see the dirt they rested on. However, we expect these to return quickly after the hurricane.

center street covered

The recent construction on Center Street has been halted due to the weather.

center street hurricane preparation

Tarps cover the side of the street, as well as the equipment being used during construction.

center hub magic kingdom hurricane prep

All hanging planters in The Hub were removed.

pumpkins hub hurricane preparations

We noticed the nearby pumpkins remained despite the removal of the planters.

tarp 1 peoplemover

While traveling near TRON, we noticed the tarps covering the fence were removed; we were unsure if this was due to the hurricane.

Tarp 2 peoplemover

We found the canopy was lit, and you can see the lower construction far better with the removal of the tarp.

Tron construction

Construction has halted, and equipment has been moved inside the canopy. Tall equipment has been lowered to reduce the risk of damage.

Fantasyland Lights

Moving into Fantasyland, the banners atop the rides were still displayed, though these may be removed later.

Photo-op open

Photo-ops were still available; however, some outdoor rides, such as Splash Mountain and the PeopleMover, were already not operating due to weather. The hurricane is expected to arrive in Central Florida on Thursday, but weather conditions will likely worsen starting today.

Tom Sawyer Rafts

Though it appeared that the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts were being put away, we were told that the ride may open later in the day.

Lighting Removed

It seems show lights and other rigging was removed from Cinderella Castle.

Lighting Removed

On both sides, stage rigging and lighting have been removed.

Straw zoom in
MK hurricane prep 2

Over at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, chairs have been removed from the exterior dining area.

MK hurricane prep 1

The umbrellas are being zip-tied shut to prevent tearing.

Overall, hurricane preparation is proceeding slowly at Magic Kingdom.

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