Spider-Man 60th Anniversary, Fun and Fancy Free 75th Anniversary, and More NEW Pins at Disneyland Resort

Several new pins arrived at Disneyland Resort this week, including pins celebrating the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man and the 75th anniversary of “Fun and Fancy Free.” These are available at Pin Traders in Downtown Disney District and 20th Century Music Co. in Disneyland.

Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Mystery Pin Collection – $24.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 082949

This set includes eight Spider-Man pins. Each box contains two randomly selected pins.

Disneyland pins sep 22 082955

Limited Release Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Pin – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 121202

This pin reads “Beyond Amazing” and features Spider-Man in blue on top and red on the bottom.

Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Jumbo Pin – $39.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 121226

This jumbo pin features Spidey leaping forward, with “Beyond Amazing” below him. Comic panels are behind him like a web.

Limited Release One Family Mystery Pin Set – $24.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 083016

This mystery set is part of the “One Family” 2022 Pin Celebration collection. Each pin features a different Disney Villains family.

Disneyland pins sep 22 083024

Limited Release Marie & Macarons Pin by Ann Shen – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 120833

Marie the Aristocat is lounging on top of a stack of macarons on this pin by Ann Shen.

Limited Release “The Aristocats” Pin by Ann Shen – $24.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 120940

This pin folds out to reveal three panels, each featuring a different one of the kittens.

Disneyland pins sep 22 120958

Limited Edition “Beautiful Florals” Rapunzel Pin – $19.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 120845

This “Beautiful Florals” pin features Rapunzel behind the sliding flower.

Limited Release Meeko Fall Pin – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 120857

Meeko from “Pocahontas” is in front of a fall wreath.

Limited Release “Bongo” 75th Anniversary – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 120918

In honor of the 75th anniversary of “Fun and Fancy Free,” this pin is inspired by “Bongo.” The front features a circus poster for “Bongo” and the 75th anniversary.

Disneyland pins sep 22 120928

It opens up to reveal Bongo showing off for Lulubelle.

Limited Release “Mickey and the Beanstalk” 75th Anniversary – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 121009

The front of this pin resembles a keyhole, with beanstalks growing to either side, in honor of “Mickey and the Beanstalk.”

Disneyland pins sep 22 121018

It opens, showing Mickey and Donald holding the key with the singing harp.

Limited Release Rosh Hashannah Pin – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 121213

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah with Mickey and Minnie, who are eating apple slices on this pin.

Limited Release “DuckTales” 35th Anniversary Pin – $17.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 121420

The original “DuckTales” turns 35 this year. This pin shaped like a TV features Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie in Scrooge’s pile of gold coins.

Disneyland pins sep 22 121509

The TV screen spins to show “DuckTales 35th Anniversary.”

Limited Edition Disneyland Posters Pirates of the Caribbean Pin – $19.99

Disneyland pins sep 22 122134

Finally, the latest Disneyland Posters pin is inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. It has a limited edition size of 2,000.

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