FULL SHOW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Incredible ¡Vamos! – Bàilalo Show Takes Over the Streets of Universal Studios Florida

This new exciting show features authentic Latin music an a lively and exciting show that is sure to please all audiences. This Latin dance show features heavy interaction with the audience, and is one of the most fast paced and energetic shows we’ve seen at Universal Studios.

Vamos, Bailio image 1

We found the performers to be energetic and enthusiastic, able to connect with the audience and create exciting guest interactions.

Vamos, Bailio image 2

The show features dancers set to Latin American music. It begins with just the dancers, in a high energy dance number that mixes modern musical flair with classic design.

Vamos, Bailio image 3

The dancers quickly split off into groups to show their skill within a more intimate setting, allowing the audience to focus on individual performance groups.

Vamos, Bailio image 4

The two person pairings allow the dancers to shine, doing impressive moves that relate back to the cultural heritage the show is based on.

Vamos, Bailio image 5

After pairing up, the dancers split off to dance on their own, showcasing their own unique skills and wonderful choreography.

Vamos, Bailio image 6

First, the women take the stage, utilizing how the dresses spin to create a whirlwind of a effect, prior to the men taking the stage.

Vamos, Bailio image 7

The men then take the stage for a showcase of their dancing skills.

Vamos, Bailio image 8

The groups then pair up before inviting the audience for guest interaction. It is important to note that the dancing couples feature people of the same sex as well, working well to include people of all orientations. This is a unique sight for Universal shows, and goes far to help create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests who visit the park.

Vamos, Bailio image 9

Audience members are invited to dance on stage with the performers, and are taught to twirl and dance in conjunction. This was one of the most interactive and high energy shows we have seen at Universal Studios Orlando.

Vamos, Bailio image 10

Audience members were invited to join a dance line, which added to the excitement and atmosphere around the show.

Those who viewed the show compared it to a combination of “West Side Story” and “In The Heights,” which we would agree with. Overall, this is a wonderful high energy addition to the park. This can be caught between Louie’s Italian Restaurant and Häagen-Dazs.

Watch the full show below:

What do you think of this addition to the parks? Will you be watching this soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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