1920s-Era Mickey & Minnie-Themed Apparel Now Available at Disneyland Resort

Fans of the earliest Disney cartoons featuring Mickey and Minnie in their black-and-white era will love these new ultra-retro apparel items we found this week at the Disneyland Resort!

Minnie Old-Fashioned Cardigan – $69.99

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 1 scaled

The black and white striped cardigan features an imprinted design of Minnie.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 2 scaled

Her name is written in an older cartoon font on the pocket.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 3 scaled

The back has no pattern.

Mickey and Minnie Old-Fashioned Letterman Jacket – $89.99

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 4 scaled

This letterman jacket showcases Mickey and Minnie on each side. It’s black with white stripes around the collar, bottom, and sleeve ends. The sleeves are orange.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 7 scaled
1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 6 scaled

Mickey and Minnie are both embroidered on in their old-fashioned 1920s designs.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 5 scaled

On the back we see the pair dancing with “Walt Disney’s Mickey & Minnie” written above.

Wide-Sleeved Mickey Shirt – $36.99

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 9 scaled
1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 8 scaled

Mickey Mouse is laughing at a horseshoe on this striped wide-sleeve shirt.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 11 scaled

The back has no design.

Printed Sweatshirt – $54.99

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 12 scaled

This orange sweatshirt has designs of Mickey in various poses and doing activities all over.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 13 scaled
1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 14 scaled
1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 15 scaled

Minnie even makes a few appearances in some of these displays.

1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 16 scaled
1920sMickeyMinnieApparelDisneyland 17 scaled

We found all of these at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District, so be sure to stop in and take a look at these new items, and don’t miss other old-fashioned merchandise like the “Skeleton Dance”-themed line for Halloween!

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