Chef Mickey’s Phone Cases, Ornament, and More Now Available at MaDe Kiosks

Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is now the star of phone cases, an ornament, and a magnet. You can pick and personalize these at the MaDe kiosk in Big Top Souvenirs at the Magic Kingdom.

Phone Cases – $29.99

Chef Mickeys phone cases 3

You can choose from three different phone case designs.

Chef Mickeys phone cases 5

This phone case features Chef Donald, Chef Mickey, Chef Goofy, Chef Pluto, and Chef Minnie on a blue background. In the blue background you can see different items of food you can indulge in while dining at Chef Mickey’s. This artwork is the same at the front cover of the Chef Mickey’s autograph/coloring book.

Chef Mickeys phone cases 4

The next phone case option has a yellow background with bacon, Mickey waffles, shrimp, and many more food options in the foreground. This same artwork is in the inside cover of Chef Mickey’s autograph/coloring book.

Chef Mickeys phone cases 1

The last option shows the characters holding different foods or cooking utensils on a light blue background. Chef Mickey has a spatula, Chef Pluto is holding a wooden spoon in his mouth, Chef Minnie is presenting a cake, Chef Donald has a fork and knife, and Chef Goofy is holding a plate of spaghetti.

Magnet – $14.99

Chef Mickeys magnet 2

This magnet is the Chef Mickey’s logo. You can see this logo when you enter the restaurant. Chef Mickey’s was once known as Chef Mickey’s Village Restaurant and was located, in what we now know as, Disney Springs. It’s location was taken over by the Rainforest Cafe, when Chef’s Mickey’s moved to Disney’s Contemporary Resort in 1996.

Chef Mickeys magnet 1

Ornament – $19.99

Chef Mickeys ornament 2

The ornament is the same design as the magnet, featuring Chef Mickey’s logo. It does have a 3-D effect.

Chef Mickeys ornament 1

Watch Band – $34.99

WDW maDe Chef Mickeys watch band

This watch band is black with the same pattern of food, including Mickey Waffles, and the Chef Mickey’s logo.

Will you be personalizing any of these Chef Mickey’s items at the MaDe kiosks? Let us know in the comments.

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