More ‘Harry Potter’ Dark Mark Merchandise Arrives at Universal Studios Hollywood

Right in time for Halloween, more “Harry Potter” Dark Mark merchandise has arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Dark Mark Mini Backpack – $65

USH Dark Mark backpack 3

This Dark Mark mini backpack features a faux black snakeskin fabric along the sides and back, with a clear vinyl front and top. The Dark Mark is featured at the center of the bag, and there is a silver chain connecting to the zipper.

USH Dark Mark backpack 5
USH Dark Mark backpack 6
USH Dark Mark backpack 1

The pouch has the incantation “Morsmordre,” the spell used to conjure the Dark Mark embossed on the same faux snakeskin fabric adorning the back of the bag.

Dark Mark Belt Bag – $32.00

USH Dark Mark belt bag 2 scaled

This belt bag shows off a silver Dark Mark medallion on a black faux snakeskin bag.

USH Dark Mark belt bag 5 scaled

Like the backpack, the strap reads, “Morsmordre.”

Dark Mark Long-sleeved Shirt – $40.00

USH Dark Mark longsleeved shirt 3 scaled

This Dark Mark long-sleeved shirt is perfect for any newcomers to the dark arts.

USH Dark Mark longsleeved shirt 2 scaled

It features the proper incantation and movement to learn Morsmordre on the front, with the Dark Mark glowing in a green mist on the back.

Dark Mark Cap – $29.00

USH Dark Mark trucker hat 2 scaled

This Dark Mark cap is the best way to show allegiance to the Dark Lord, with the Dark Mark symbol surrounded with green accents.

USH Dark Mark trucker hat 3 scaled

The brim has green stitching. The back half is mesh with the Morsmordre wand movement on the left side.

USH Dark Mark trucker hat 4 scaled

It has an adjustable snapback.

USH Dark Mark trucker hat 1 scaled

If you’re looking for more ways to declare your allegiance to the Dark Lord, check out the recently released Death Eater mask, wallet, and more.

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