New ‘Harry Potter’ Mandrake and Cornish Pixie Plush Available at Universal Orlando Resort

Harry Potter fans will rejoice when they get a look at these two adorable new plushes: a Mandrake and a Cornish Pixie!

Mandrake Plush — $20.00


This small plush features a potted Mandrake inside an orange pot. It has been partially uprooted, so you can see it’s face and it’s clear that it is screaming.

hp plush mandrake pixie38

Cornish Pixie Plush — $20.00

hp plush mandrake pixie28

You can also purchase this blue Cornish Pixie plush! Harry Potter fans will remember these pixies from the classroom scene with Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in the films.

hp plush mandrake pixie32

The wings of the Cornish Pixie showcase a bright glitter finish.

hp plush mandrake pixie31

Are you planning to grab either of these plushes on your next visit to Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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