New Haunted Mansion Loungefly Mini-Backpack & Wallpaper Shoulder Bag Arrive at Disneyland

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New Haunted Mansion Loungefly Mini-Backpack & Wallpaper Shoulder Bag Arrive at Disneyland

Welcome, foolish mortals, to Disneyland! We found two new Loungefly bags — a backpack and a shoulder bag —themed to the Haunted Mansion. They were both at the Emporium on our latest visit.

Haunted Mansion Ghosts Loungefly Mini-Backpack – $85

DL HauntedMansionHatboxGhostLoungefly 1 scaled

The bag’s front features a raised design with a shiny Haunted Mansion logo at the center. Th various ghosts of the Mansion encircle the logo, with the Hatbox Ghost at the very top. Around we also see Ezra, Phineas, Gus, Madam Leota, the caretaker and his dog, the Mariner, Constance Hatchaway, and the Ghost Host.

DL HauntedMansionHatboxGhostLoungefly 2 scaled

The Mansion’s bat pattern dots the bag’s main body in light blue.

DL HauntedMansionHatboxGhostLoungefly 3 scaled
DL HauntedMansionHatboxGhostLoungefly 4 scaled

The straps are also a light blue, and the bat pattern continues on the back.

DL HauntedMansionHatboxGhostLoungefly 5 scaled

Inside, the bag is lined in blue and black stripes.

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Loungefly Shoulder Bag – $70

HauntedMansionWallpaperBag 1 scaled

The shoulder back is patterned all-over with the iconic purple wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion. A small raised metal medallion bears the Haunted Mansion logo.

HauntedMansionWallpaperBag 2 scaled
HauntedMansionWallpaperBag 3 scaled

The back features the same all-over pattern, with the Disney Parks/Loungefly medallion instead.

HauntedMansionWallpaperBag 4 scaled
HauntedMansionWallpaperBag 5 scaled

The pattern continues in the interior lining, except in black instead of purple.

We found both of these at the Emporium in Disneyland, so be sure to materialize over there before these fade into the boundless realm of the supernatural. Don’t miss other items like the light-up chess set we found last month as well. Will you add these to your Halloween collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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