New ’Hercules’ Loungefly Backpack, Headband, and Windbreaker Fly Into Disneyland

Madison Skowronski

New ’Hercules’ Loungefly Backpack, Headband, and Windbreaker Fly Into Disneyland

“Hercules” is celebrating its 25th anniversary with all new merchandise designed to go the distance. The new Disney Parks exclusive Loungefly backpack, headband, and windbreaker will take you from zero to hero in no time flat. Our wallets are about to become damsels in distress!

Hercules Loungefly Backpack – $85

Hercules Loungefly backpack

We won’t say we’re in love, but just look at the detail on this Loungefly. It’s black with gold trimming and gold details. The backpack is embossed with silhouettes of Hercules, Megara, and The Muses. There are also small lightning bolts, clouds, and small stars among the silhouettes.

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The front pocket is in the shape of a Grecian urn with a Hercules silhouette on a pedestal, clouds, and small stars.

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The straps are padded and decorated in a gold, Grecian pattern.

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Megara is on the back of the backpack holding a rose, and day-dreaming of her hero.

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The inside is our favorite winged horse, Pegasus. We can also see Megara with her rose, and Hercules flexing. We found this loungefly at the Dress Shop in the Downtown Disney District.

Hercules Headband – $19.99

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This is a yellow fabric, braided headband, adorned with brown stars.

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The inside there is a brown Grecian pattern. We found this headband alongside the Loungefly at Dress Shop in Downtown Disney District.

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Hercules Windbreaker – $59.99

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We saw this navy blue windbreaker at World of Disney. It features Hercules striking a pose at the center. The neckline, bottom trim, and sleeves are decorated in the same Grecian pattern as the Loungefly backpack straps.

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The back of the windbreaker was left blank. These new items match the Muses dress and Pegasus t-shirt we had already found. Will you be going the distance and purchasing any of these new items? Let us know in the comments!

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