‘Zootopia’-Themed Her Universe Apparel Line Debuts at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

‘Zootopia’-Themed Her Universe Apparel Line Debuts at Disneyland Resort

We know how much you love to “Try Everything”, and now there’s some new “Zootopia”-themed apparel from Her Universe you can try over at the Disneyland Resort.

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 1 scaled

Her Universe “Zootopia” Yax Cap – $29.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 2 scaled

This multicolor cap features a patch of Yax the naked yak on the front.

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 3 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 4 scaled

The cap itself cycles between light blue, denim blue, and black in segments.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Button-Up Blouse – $44.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 5 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 6 scaled

This button-up blouse features stylized designs of icons from the film, including Judy’s footprints, Pawpsicles, the carrot voice recorder, and many more all over.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Button-Up Denim Shirt – $69.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 7 scaled

Different colors of denim are stitched together on this shirt.

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 8 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 9 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 10 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 11 scaled

All over the front we see stylized depictions of Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Yax the yak, and Flash the sloth.

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 12 scaled

The back has no design.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Water Bottle – $27.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 13 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 14 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 15 scaled

This blue water bottle is made of aluminum and features those same sketch art designs of Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Yax, and Flash. The cap is orange.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Yax Youth T-Shirt – $36.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 16 scaled

This T-shirt has a prominent sketch design of Yax on the front with flies surrounding him. The chest portion is green, the sleeves are a light blue, and the collar and sleeve holes are lined with orange.

Her Universe “Zootopia” DisneyTails Pet T-Shirt – $24.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 17 scaled

This green pet T-shirt features the Yax sketch on a dark green background. The upper collar is lined in orange, with the rest in a deeper shade of green.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Keychain – $14.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 18 scaled

This keychain features a sketch art design of Judy Hopps and her carrot-shaped pen and voice recorder. There’s also a fluffy faux rabbit’s tail attached.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Nick Wilde Tie-Dye Sweatpants – $54.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 19 scaled

These sweatpants feature a cream and beige tie-dye coloring.

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 20 scaled

On the left leg is a sketch design of Nick Wilde with “sly fox” written above.

Her Universe “Zootopia” Tie-Dye Hoodie – $54.99

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 21 scaled
DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 22 scaled

The hoodie also has the same cream white and beige tie-dye coloring. The front has a semi-colorized sketch of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps together.

DL ZootopiaHerUniverse 23 scaled

The back has no design other than the tie-dye.

We found all of these at the World of Disney Store, and you can pair them with your favorite “Zootopia” nuiMOs if you so desire to make a cute Instagram photo! Will you be picking up any of these on your next visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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