New ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Merchandise Available at Disneyland

Ahead of next month’s new film “Avatar: The Way of Water”, we found some new Avatar merchandise at the Disneyland Resort! Let’s check it out!

avatar merchandise

Glow in the Dark Avatar Ilu Plush — $34.99

avatar merch615 1 scaled

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is going to introduce audiences to new wildlife from Pandora, like this Ilu.

avatar merch617 1 scaled

The ilu is intelligent, sociable, and easily domesticated. They are as common in the ocean as ikran are in the sky and can be found in groups near the settlements of oceanic Na’vi clans.

avatar merch620 1 scaled
avatar merch623 1 scaled
avatar merch637 1 scaled

This plush even glows in the dark!

avatar merch628 1 scaled

Miniature Avatar Ilu Plush — $22.99

avatar merch645 scaled

A smaller version of the Ilu plush is also available!

avatar merch648 scaled

This one is small enough to be a travel companion!

avatar merch653 scaled

Avatar Merchandise Skimwing Plush — $34.99

avatar merch741 scaled

Another new creature from “Avatar: The Way of Water” is the skimwing!

avatar merch747 scaled

The skimwing is large, able to comfortably fit a fully grown Na’vi on its back.

avatar merch756 scaled

Its skin is grey and its large fins, which partially elevate it out of the water like a Terran flying fish, are orange with dark markings

avatar merch742 scaled
avatar merch744 scaled

Miniature Avatar Skimwing Plush — $22.99

avatar merch713 scaled

Like with the Ilu plush, you can also purchase a smaller version of the skimwing plush as well.

avatar merch708 scaled
avatar merch721 scaled

Avatar Puffer Jacket — $89.99

avatar merch826 scaled

This puffer jacket is perfectly themed for “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

avatar merch833 scaled

It is a gorgeous blue, with all kinds of sea life from the world of Avatar “swimming” in the jacket.

avatar merch840 scaled
avatar merch815 scaled

For more exciting content surrounding the new Avatar film, check out this new trailer and poster!

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