New Droid Depot Tumbler & Plenty of Apparel Land at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland


New Droid Depot Tumbler & Plenty of Apparel Land at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

If you are looking for a holiday present for the Star Wars fan in your universe, Droid Depot in Disneyland Park might be a good place for you to shop. Not only can you construct your own droid there, the merchandise offered for Star Wars droid fans covers many varieties of droids. Let us take a glance at some newer items in this store.

Protocol Droid Hoodie ($64.99)

Protocol Droid Hoodie

This zipper style hoodie shows a droid on the front on one side with a pocket on the other side. We find a small insignia of “Industrial Automation” towards the top of the hoodie.

protocol droid hoodie 2
protocol droid hoodie 4

The back features Aurebesh, the language from the Star Wars franchise, reading “astromech.” In addition, a large clue in the middle row alerts all guests to the reason the droid type shown on the front looks familiar to them.

protocol droid hoodie 5

C1 Series Droid Youth Shirt ($34.99)

If looking for a gift for someone wearing a youth size shirt, this C1 Series Droid shirt might fit the bill.

C1 series youth shirt

This pocket t-shirt has a C1 series logo on the front in the bottom corner. While in the top area of the, a C1 Droid comically looks to be leaving the pocket on this shirt to go get some work done.

C1 series youth shirt 3
C1 series youth shirt 2
C1 series youth shirt 5

On the back, we see a colorful Aurebesh text with a shadow effect reading “Astromech.” When paying for premium t-shirts, it is nice to have a design on the front and the back.

BB-8 Youth Hoodie – $49.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 1

This hoodie is blue and white, with a BB unit pictured across the front. It has an orange pocket beneath “8 BB Series Astromech.”

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 2

The hoodie reads “astromech” in orange Aurebesh.

Droids Youth Tee – $34.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 3

This blue tee features R2-D2, Chopper, BB-8, a pit droid, a mouse droid, and a GNK (Gonk) droid.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 4
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 7

Chopper and the Gonk droid are on gridded patches.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 5
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 6

Lifting them reveals some extra art.

Youth Pit Droid Shirt – $39.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 8

This black and white long-sleeve shirt features a blue pocket with a pit droid sticking out from the top.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 9

A Droid Depot patch is sewn on near the bottom.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 10
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 11

The back side features a number of droids like BB-8, R2-D2, and the pit droid stacked on top of each other.

Droid Friends Youth Sweater – $39.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 13

The sweater is black and white with blue gridded forearms.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 14

R2-D2 Youth Pullover – $49.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 15

This pullover sweatshirt is white with dark blue sections, inspired by the coloring of R2-D2.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 16

“Industrial Automaton” is on the pocket.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 17

A diagram of an R2 unit is on the back.

Droids Ball Cap – $29.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 18

The front of this cap is blue, and “Astromech” is in white, gray, blue, and orange Aurebesh letters.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 19

The back is white with holes.

BB-8 Youth Crop Top – $34.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 20

The blue crop top reads “BB8 Industrial Automaton” next to a pocket with a BB diagram popping out.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 21

It has an elastic waist. The Aurebesh reads “Astromech.”

IG-11 Adult T-Shirt – $39.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 23

This light blue tee highlights the iconic IG-11 assassin droid from “The Mandalorian.”

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 22

The statistics on the side note he was reprogrammed to be a nurse droid for Grogu, as happened in season 1.

Youth B1 Battle Droid Pullover Hoodie – $44.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 24

This light blue hoodie has a black-and-white Separatist Battle Droid on the front along with “B1 Battle Droid”. It reads “Baktoid Combat Automata” on the left breast, presumably the in-universe manufacturer.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 25

There’s some rather unique velcro-button hybrids as well.

IG-88 Bounty Hunter Sweater – $49.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 26
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 27

All in grey this time, we see the IG-88 Bounty Hunter droids from Holowan Laboratories. These droids were initially created to be assassins, although one in particular became a feared bounty hunter during the Original Trilogy era.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 28

The sleeve pocket bears the Droid Depot logo.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 29

His statistics are printed on the arm.

Youth Droideka T-Shirt – $29.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 30

This youth tee has a diagonally-cut white and grey coloring.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 31

“Droideka” and its statistics are listed on the upper left chest.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 32

On the lower right, we see a black-and-white depiction of a Droideka along with labels on its features.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 33

The back has the same color scheme, with “Colicoid Creation Nest” written on the upper back.

BB-8 Tee – $36.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 34

The BB-8 shirt for adults is entirely dark blue, with a small white image of BB-8 on the chest.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 35

“Industrial Automaton” is below him and “BB8” is next to him.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 36

Just like the others, “Astromech” is on the back in Aurebesh.

R2-D2 Pullover Sweatshirt – $59.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 37

This sweatshirt has a drawstring cowl neck.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 38

“R2 R-Series Astromech Droid” and “Industrial Automaton” are on the left breast. “Astromech” is once again repeated in Aurebesh down the front.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 39

An R2 diagram is on the back.

IG-11 Bounty Hunter Open Edition Pin – $12.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 40

This open edition pin highlights IG-11, the bounty hunter-turned nurse droid from “The Mandalorian”. The design is primarily orange.

R2 Series Open Edition Pin – $12.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 41

This pin features R2-series droids, most iconic for being the series R2-D2 comes from. The pin is on a red background, with R2-D2 at the center and the Droid Depot logo below.

Droids Tumbler with Straw – $24.99

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 42

This tumbler is clear, with a white grid pattern and several droids stacked on top of each other on one side.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 43
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 44
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 45

The sculpted straw holder on the lid is R2-D2 surrounded by other droid heads.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 46

It includes a translucent yellow straw and a teal-green lid.

DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 47
DroidDepotMerchNov22Disneyland 48

The cup is 780 ml / 26 oz.

We found all of these new items at Droid Depot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, so set your coordinates to Batuu to pick up the latest in droid apparel! And let us know which of these you’ll add to your wardrobe in the comments below.

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