PHOTOS, VIDEO: Walt Disney World Railroad Begins Testing New Track and Tunnel Through TRON Site

Today, we saw something exciting. During a trip on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, we discovered a Walt Disney World Train on the tracks just past Space Mountain. The engine, along with passenger cars, was slowly moving along the tracks.

WDW Train Tron 1

If you look to the left and just below the monorail tracks, you can see some of the passenger cars.

WDW Train Tron 2

In this photo, if you look to the right side of the photo, just below the large tree, you will see the engine. It is pointing in the direction of the park entrance.

WDW Train Tron 3

Recently, we reported that we have seen more construction work on the train tracks since October. The railroad has been closed since late 2018, when work began on the TRON Lightcycle / Run attraction — slated to open in spring 2023.

WDW Train Tron 4
WDW Train Tron 5
WDW Train Track testing 8

We saw the train making its way to the Main Street, U.S.A. station. We even heard the whistle blowing.

WDW Train Track testing 9
WDW Train Track testing 11
wed train testing 4
WED train test 9

At first, it was unclear which engine was out on the tracks today, but as the train backed into the Fantasyland Station, we got a better look and saw it was the Walter E. Disney engine.

WED train engine testing 30
WED train engine testing 31

We even got a wave from some of the construction workers as they got a ride back to Fantasyland.

WED train engine testing 35
WED train engine testing 34
WED train engine testing 24

Previously, the train would stop just before the Storybook Circus station. Today, it went through the station and nearly to the Main Street station.

WED train engine testing 22

The train was backed up into the station and filled with water.

WED train engine testing 23
WED train engine testing 20
WDW Train Track testing 3

WDW Train Track testing 4
WDW Train Track testing 5
WED train frontierland 1

At first, we thought the testing was just confined to the Fantasyland area, but as we made our way around the park, we saw that train pulling into the Frontierland Station as well.

WED train frontierland 6

They also added more water when the train pulled into the station. So, it seems they are testing the train out on most – if not all – of the track.

WED train frontierland 2
WED train frontierland 3
WED train frontierland 7

Are you excited to take a ride around the world when the Walt Disney World Railroad returns? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch our video from today’s Walt Disney World Railroad testing below.

Here are some recent updates on the progress of the WDW Railroad:

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