REVIEW: Mint Chip Churro with Mint Dipping Sauce for the Holiday Season at Disneyland

If you love all things mint, the churro cart in Town Square at Disneyland has you covered with the new mint chip churro and dipping sauce. Be warned; you have to be a huge mint fan for these treats.

DL mint chip churro 1

Mint Chip Churro – $5.75

DL mint chip churro 2
DL mint chip churro 6

The mint chip churro is covered in green sugar, but it’s not really mint flavored. It is also rolled in cookie dust, which is a welcome chocolate kick, but the mint doesn’t really follow through. Only the chip. That being said, it’s just as good as a regular churro which means it’s delicious, and we love it.

Mint Chocolate Dipping Sauce – $1.50

Marshmallow creme infused with mint and topped with crushed chocolate cookies

DL mint chip churro 7

The dipping sauce, on the other hand, is less than enjoyable. The first thing that hits your tongue is a blast of mint, which is what we were looking for in the churro, but the sweetness and the light whipped texture make it feel more like toothpaste than we would like.

Overall, we would have the churro again, but definitely skip the toothpaste sauce.

The holiday season at Disneyland runs from November 11 through January 8.

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