New Norway Pavilion Apparel, Kitchenware, and More Arrives at EPCOT

We recently spotted more new Norway pavilion merchandise at The Fjording Shop in World Showcase at EPCOT.

Adult Norway Pavilion Shirt – $29.99

Norway pavilion merchandise

This short sleeve t-shirt features the image of a Norwegian flag combined with the outline of the pavilion rooftops in the shape of Mickey’s head.


The words “Norway” and “EPCOT” appear below the Mickey symbol on the light gray shirt as well.

Norwegian Phrases Mug – $14.99


This mug is covered various phrases in Norwegian with a red and blue Viking helmet front and center. The word Norway runs up the side of the white mug right in front of the handle. If you don’t speak Norwegian but would like to know what your mug says, “skål” is the equivalent of “cheers!” while “Velkommen” means “welcome,” “mange hilsener” means “greetings,” “Ingen årsak” means “no problem,” “takk” means “thanks,” “mange takk” is “thank you very much,” and “Lykke til!” means “good luck!” (Editor’s note: These are colloquial translations from a non-fluent speaker and should not be read as one-to-one equivalents.)


Tervis Tumbler – $29.99

Keep your beverages as cold as Elsa’s ice or as warm as Olaf would like to be in summer with this Tervis tumbler.

An outline of Norway wraps around the side with pictures of different buildings including a stave church, trees, and the flag scattered all over it. A whale floats in the ocean to the side.


The Norwegian flag in the shape of Mickey’s head sits at the back of this blue, red, and white tumbler.


The tab on the lid can be positioned to either be spillproof or allow for easy sipping.

Throw Blanket – $59.99


Stay warm and cozy on those long winter nights with this throw blanket.

norwaythrowfrontclose 1

Reindeer, puffins, trees, and the stave church-style building on the front of this throw really invoke the spirit of Norway.

The throw has a blue background with red and white images on the front and is lined with white fleece. The measurements are 50 in. x 60 in. / 127 cm x 152 cm.

Minnie Mouse Cookie Sketchbook Ornament – $22.99


Tis’ the season to buy a new ornament (or five), and this sweet Minnie cookie-inspired one is perfect.


The front is designed to look like a Norwegian flag sweater, while the back has the logo of the Norway pavilion.

Tote Bag – $34.99


Carry all of your new purchases (or maybe some school bread and troll horns for later) in this new Norway pavilion tote.


This durable bag has the outline of Norway on the front as well as a Viking boat, whale, and flag. It also has a Mickey right over the words “EPCOT World Showcase.”


The inside of the tote has plenty of room to carry things.

World Showcase Ornament – $19.99


This artwork on this ball ornament features the stave church-style building that sits in the Norway pavilion, as well as Norwegian style buildings and trees.


The Norwegian flag with the words “EPCOT World Showcase” sit right below the buildings on the front of the ornament.


The back of the ornament is adorned with the outline of the country itself.

Apron – $34.99


Step into the kitchen ready to make some Kringla or Eplekake in this Norway apron.


This ivory-colored apron has the word “Norway” with a Mickey in the middle in red letters with dark blue accents.


An adjustable strap at the top of the apron goes around the neck, and the back has a red tie closure at the waist.

Mug – $19.99


This pavilion-inspired mug has a Norwegian flag in the shape of Mickey’s head on the front.


The back of the mug features the outline of Norway as well as various country-inspired images.

See more from the new Norway pavilion collection here.

As we learned from Maelstrom, those who seek the spirit of Norway often find beauty and charm. Did you find any here with the new items? Let us know in the comments.

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