New Mr. DNA Plush Prize Available at Jurassic Park Training Zone in Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Bingo! Dino DNA! You can test your skills and win a new Mr. DNA plush at the Jurassic Park Training Zone in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

mr dna prize plush

You need to pop 2 balloons at the DNA sequencing skill game to win him, and you get 3 chances. This plush is a smaller prize than the previous Mr. DNA plush we found in March of this year.

mr dna prize plush3

Mr. DNA is from the “Jurassic Park” series and was created to teach Jurassic Park tourists how InGen recreated dinosaurs.

mr dna prize plush5

He is a DNA helix with arms, hands, and a happy face. The plush has a white background, and the DNA helix is made up of red, yellow, blue, and white circles, all outlined in black.

mr dna prize plush2

Will you be trying your luck at the DNA sequencing skill game to win Mr. DNA? Let us know in the comments.

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