PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 12/5/22 (New World Showcase Pavilion Collections, Cinderella Castle Engagement Ring Ornament, Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction The Haunted Mansion, & More)

Good morning from a foggy EPCOT! We’re heading around World Showcase and more to see what’s new so let’s get started!

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 1

As we pulled up to the EPCOT parking booth, we noticed the iconic Spaceship Earth decor is still missing from the structure. Time to park and make our way up to the Monorail to check in on construction down below!

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 2

Not much has changed at Refreshment Station near Test Track. The old Cool Wash station is still gutted and remains mostly untouched for the time being.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 3

Work continues on the World Celebration are where the future Walt the Dreamer Statue will reside, among other things.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 4

Large pieces of steel are being added to Communicore Hall each day, brought over by a rather large crane.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 5

From over the construction walls, you can see the workers on the second and third stories in the midst of the ongoing project.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 6

Scaffolding has been removed fairly recently from the large rock structure at Journey of Water Inspired by Moana. You can now see much more of the detail on the rock formation without the construction material blocking it.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 7

Time to head on into the park!

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 8

Gateway Gifts has a new Disney Parks Collection Jewelry Mickey heart three-tiered necklace set for $29.99.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 9

Something eerie has finally arrived in the parks! Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction Haunted Mansion plush, ears, pin, key, and Loungefly backpack are available in Creations. Not only did it arrive, we received the entire collection at once, which can be a rarity.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 10

Inside Out has these fun mini jawbreaker candy-in-a-maze puzzle game sets out near the registers. You can get one of 6 characters in the different colored “jawbreaker” balls and there is even a chaser! Each game is $14.99.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 11

A MARVEL “Spidey and His Amazing Friends” 50-piece puzzle has spun its way onto the shelves at Creations in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind merchandise area. The puzzle is $14.99.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 12

This plush Black Panther doll from “Black Panther: Wakanada Forever ” can be found near the Guardians merchandise as well. The colorful plush is $29.99.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 13

In the toy section near the youth apparel, there is a fun new Lightyear Laser Saber. The saber lights up and makes sounds for $39.99.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 14

There is also a new XL-15 and figure set from the Lightyear movie. The canopy opens on the top of the ship, it also lights up and makes sounds and comes with a miniature Buzz Lightyear for $69.99.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 15

There’s also a new Cinderella Castle engagement ring ornament available inside of Creations, it even comes with a makeshift ring.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 16

We started to make our way around to World Nature where we took another ground-level peek at CommuniCore Hall construction just beyond the tall walls near the Imagination restrooms.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 17

Over at The Seas Pavilion, the Giant Clams have finally been added to their tank in the upstairs nursery that was recently redone. They’re small, but big!

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 18
EPCOT Photo Report 12522 19

We stopped over at Norway during our lap around World Showcase where more new merchandise has joined that which we recently found.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 20

Tervis tumblers, ornaments, an apron, and more are part of the expanded Norway pavilion merchandise collection we spotted today at The Fjording.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 21
EPCOT Photo Report 12522 22

Germany was not shy on new merchandise as well! On top of the new Snow White line we found earlier last week at the recently opened Volkskunst Clock Shop, more holiday merchandise is now available near the store’s entrance.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 23

This festive collection features a holiday Mickey and Minnie Mouse apron, tree skirt, fleece blanket, and more.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 24
EPCOT Photo Report 12522 25

We had to make a pit stop at the Rotunda at the American Adventure to listen to the Voices of Liberty singing holiday carols! If you haven’t heard them singing yet, it is definitely a must-do.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 26

There is not a short supply of new World Showcase merchandise today! Even Canada got in on the fun. New apparel, candle, hockey puck, drinkwares and more arrived in a flurry of maple leaves and plaid at Northwest Mercantile.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 27

There’s even a new pavilion ornament featuring Le Cellier! If you look closely, you may be able to see two of our favorite pals having a bite to eat.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 28

Plenty of the new merchandise was also available at the small tent outside the pavilion, including a new “True North strong and free” Canada Spirit Jersey.

EPCOT Photo Report 12522 29
EPCOT Photo Report 12522 30

So many maple leaves! Thanks for following along today!

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