Construction Fences Surround Disneyland Monorail Station in Downtown Disney District

Construction fences have been erected around the Disneyland Monorail station in Downtown Disney District. The monorail remains open and operating on a normal schedule at this time.

monorail station walls
monorail station walls2

The fence goes from the right side of Star Wars Trading Post to the right side the monorail station, where you can enter the attraction.

monorail station walls3

We suspect this construction is part of the reimagining of Downtown Disney District.

Disneyland Monorail Station

Pictured above is the normal entrance for the monorail station in Downtown Disney District.

monorail station walls4

The Downtown Disney District logo covers the front of the construction fence.

monorail station walls5

You can enter the monorail queue on the far-right side of the attraction.

monorail station walls6

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