New Disney 100th Anniversary Display Featuring Alice Comedies at Disneyland Hotel

Madison Skowronski

New Disney 100th Anniversary Display Featuring Alice Comedies at Disneyland Hotel

A new display featuring the Alice Comedies has been installed in the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel for the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration.

DL 100th decor

Before “it was all started by a mouse,” Walt Disney created the Alice Comedies. The Alice Comedies were a series of animated/live-action silent short films. Alice, a live actress, would go on adventures with her animated cat, Julius.

DL 100th decor7

Alice was originally played by Virginia Davis and the first film, “Alice’s Wonderland,” was originally filmed at Laugh-O-Gram Studios in 1923. The Alice Comedies were all about a “real girl living in a cartoon world.”

DL 100th decor2

Alice is pictured in the corner of the display. The Disney 100 Years of Wonder medallion is on the display as well.

DL 100th decor3

A speech bubble reads:

While other moviemakers were animating characters to interact with live-action, Walt had a uniquely different idea. “So I reversed it…I said, ‘That’s a new twist.’ And it sold.” It was the beginning of the Alice Comedies, an ongoing series about a real girl living in a cartoon world.

DL 100th decor4

On the other side of the display, we can see Julius, Walt Disney, and a bottle of ink reading Winkler Pictures. Margaret J. Winkler founded M.J. Winkler Pictures (now Screen Gems). She viewed a pilot of “Alice’s Wonderland” and was intrigued by Disney’s idea of a real girl in a cartoon world. She signed Disney to a year-long contract, and Winkler Pictures then owned the rights to the Alice Comedies. Winkler herself came up with the idea of Julius and edited all the Alice Comedies.

DL 100th decor5

The backdrop of the display is an image of Hyperion Studio, the 1926 Walt Disney Studio building, with a billboard for Mickey Mouse and the Silly Symphony cartoons.

DL 100th decor6

Some of the Mickey-like mice from the Alice Comedies are floating around the billboard.

Disneyland hotel 100th medallion

In addition to the Alice Comedies display, a Disney 100 Years of Wonder medallion has been installed next to the Mickey and Minnie topiaries by the pool.

Similar medallions have been installed throughout Disneyland Resort.

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