Disney100 The Eras: Disneyland Collection Merchandise Arrives at Magic Kingdom

The Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration has officially kicked off, and with any celebration, comes new merchandise collection. We found the new Disney100 The Eras: Disneyland Collection at Curtain Call in Magic Kingdom.

Vintage Disneyland Dress – $49.99

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This dress is covered in various vintage Disneyland graphics and concept art.

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Walt himself even makes an apperance.

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The dress has short sleeves and a Peter Pan styled collar.


The color is light pink and trimmed with a white ruffle.

Youth Vintage Disneyland Shorts – $29.99

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The shorts are the same design as the dress, full of various vintage Disneyland concept art and graphics.

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A small pink bow is on the bottom sides of either leg.

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The shorts also have pockets.

Youth Fantasyland Shirt – $31.99

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This shirt is light yellow.

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It has a ruffled puff sleeve.

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This is the original Fantasyland icon.

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Youth Attractions Joggers – $29.99

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These dark blue joggers are covered in outlines of original park icons.

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Down one pant leg is reads “Walt Disney’s Disneyland” in yellow.

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Youth Vintage Disneyland T-Shirt – $24.99

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“Walt Disney’s Disneyland” is written in black, over a blue outlined Sleep Beauty Castle.

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In the corner is Walt’s face with the channel and time of the old show, “Disneyland with Walt Disney.”

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Will you be picking up any of this collection? Let us know in the comments.

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