Final Disney100 Bunting & Banners Installed on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort featuring Disney100 banners

Final Disney100 Bunting & Banners Installed on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

Just three days removed from the kickoff of the Disney100 celebration, Disneyland is still adding the decor to Sleeping Beauty Castle to celebrate Disney’s centennial. Today we caught even more being added to the facade than we saw last week, completing the look we were promised last year!

DL MoreBuntingBannersDisney100SleepingBeautyCastle1
DL MoreBuntingBannersDisney100SleepingBeautyCastle2

The purple and platinum banners are now hanging on both sides of the drawbridge to Sleeping Beauty Castle. The tops feature shining stars on a purple background.

DL MoreBuntingBannersDisney100SleepingBeautyCastle3

While the statues of Flora and Merryweather were in place last week, Fauna has finally been installed above the Disney100 shield. Decorative bunting hangs under the shield and hung up by two of the fairies. To the sides, purple and platinum banners with gold ends hang off both towers of the castle.

DL MoreBuntingBannersDisney100SleepingBeautyCastle4

Platinum and gold bunting also hangs off the far left and right towers of the castle.

With the decor complete, this means decoration of Sleeping Beauty Castle is now complete for the Disney100 celebration!

D100 Castle Rendering scaled

The finished decor looks a bit different from what we were promised for the Disney100 celebration last year. The banners along the path were supposed to have Disney100 logos atop, and the bunting at the castle’s center was supposed to have pink and blue gradients on the ends to represent Flora and Merryweather. The three fairy statues were also supposed to be colored appropriate to each of the fairies.

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