New Hogwarts Pens and Long-Sleeved House Shirts at Universal Orlando Resort

New Hogwarts pens and long-sleeved house shirts are available in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. We also found the shirts at the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk.

hogwarts pens 9328

The two pens aren’t specifically labeled for different houses, but one is red — the color of Gryffindor — and the other is blue — the color of Ravenclaw.

Red Hogwarts Ballpoint Pen – $22

hogwarts pens 9316

The pens come in boxes that look like smaller versions of wand boxes, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter logo and “Hogwarts” on the top in gold lettering.

hogwarts pens 9314

Both pens have a Hogwarts crest charm.

hogwarts pens 9313
hogwarts pens 9321

“Hogwarts” is printed on the side of the pen.

hogwarts pens 9323

The golden cap is covered in a leafy design.

hogwarts pens 9324
hogwarts pens 9325

These are ballpoint pens.

Blue Hogwarts Ballpoint Pen – $22

hogwarts pens 9317
hogwarts pens 9319

The Hogwarts crest charm is gold and red with both pens.

hogwarts pens 9320
hogwarts shirts 9520

The shirts are all the same button-up, collared style in different colors representing each of the four Hogwarts houses.

Gryffindor Shirt – $70

hogwarts shirts 9515

The Gryffindor shirt is red.

hogwarts shirts 9516

A Gryffindor patch featuring a lion is on the breast pocket. The pocket, sleeves, and center of the shirt are lined with plaid fabric.

Slytherin Shirt – $70

hogwarts shirts 9519

The Slytherin shirt is green.

hogwarts shirts 9521
hogwarts shirts 9536

The mascot on its patch is a snake, outlined in gold.

Hufflepuff Shirt – $70

hogwarts shirts 9524

Hufflepuff’s main color is yellow, with black as a secondary color.

hogwarts shirts 9527

Its mascot is a badger.

Ravenclaw Shirt – $70

hogwarts shirts 9525

Finally, Ravenclaw is a dark blue.

hogwarts shirts 9526

Black is in its plaid, but the raven mascot is golden.

These shirts are also available at Universal Studios Hollywood. Check out more new “Harry Potter” merchandise at Universal Orlando Resort:

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