More New Disney’s Animal Kingdom Phone Cases, Magnets, & Ornaments Available in maDe Kiosks at Walt Disney World

About a week ago, we caught some new Disney’s Animal Kingdom-themed designs for AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, and phone cases in maDe kiosks around Walt Disney World. Now you can get Animal Kingdom phone cases and more as new designs have popped up, which include phone cases, magnets, and acrylic ornaments! We went down to Big Top Souvenirs at the Magic Kingdom to check these out!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Phone Cases – $29.99

A Disney's Animal Kingdom phone case now available at maDe kiosks at Walt Disney World.

There’s some new art avaiable featuring plenty of trees, leaves, and of course animals. A stylized logo for Disney’s Animal Kingdom sits at the center.

Another Animal Kingdom phone case.

Also available is this “Wild About Nature” Animal Kingdom phone case, which prominently features a lion at the bottom, with savanna animals flanking on the top and bottom. The animals atop bear a resemblance to the park’s logo which shows animals from around the world marching from left to right.

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 3

This darker case shows the Tree of Life at the center with animals like hippos, koalas, owls, and giraffes surrounding it all over.

Acrylic Ornaments – $19.99

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 4

This ornament features the same art as we saw above on the final phone case.

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 5

Over here we see a bit more variety in animals, including an otter, a turtle, a rhino, an elephant, and a stork. At the very center reads “Be wild and free.”

Magnets – $14.99

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 6

This very bright neon pink magnet reads “Tree of life, love, and happiness,” with animals and vegetation encircling the words. The Tree of Life sits atop, and the stylized park logo is on the bottom.

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 7

You can show you’re “Wild About Nature” with this new magnet, bearing the same art as its phone case sibling.

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 8

We also saw this art featuring animals on and around the Tree of Life on an ornament and phone case, now you can have it on a magnet too!

MoreDAKMaDEKioskStuff 9

The “Be Wild and Free” art also returns on this magnet.

While we found these at the Big Top Souvenirs maDe kiosk, we expect them to be available across Walt Disney World in short order. Will you add any of these Disney’s Animal Kingdom maDe kiosk souvenirs to your suitcase home? Let us know in the comments below!

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