REVIEW: BBQ Picnic Dog Rolls Out at Refreshment Corner in Disneyland

Spring and picnicking season will soon be here, but Refreshment Corner in Disneyland is getting a jump start with the arrival of the BBQ Picnic Dog!

BBQ Picnic Dog – $13.49

Pulled Pork-Topped Foot-Long Hot Dog, Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw, includes a Cuties Mandarin Orange or Small Bag of Chips

bbq picnic dog refreshment corner 2

This was one dish that we weren’t looking forward to sampling, but we were happily proven wrong. This is fantastic!

bbq picnic dog refreshment corner 3

The hearty hot dog and the rich pulled pork come together well with a very subtle bit of barbecue sauce.

bbq picnic dog refreshment corner 4

The classic coleslaw on top, the fried onion chips, and even the dill pickle spear (which looks comically small next to the footlong hot dog) all come together to create the flavors of a classic barbecue picnic.

bbq picnic dog refreshment corner 6

It tastes like summer days and backyard parties. Each of the flavors is clearly identifiable on its own, yet they all come together to taste like a memory.

bbq picnic dog refreshment corner 7

We enjoyed this hot dog a lot more than we thought we were going to and surprisingly, we can’t wait to revisit it, especially as the weather starts to warm up!

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