REVIEW: Disney100 Churro Sparkles for Disney 100 Years of Wonder at the Disneyland Resort

Matthew Soberman

REVIEW: Disney100 Churro Sparkles for Disney 100 Years of Wonder at the Disneyland Resort

The Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration collides with a classic Disneyland Resort snack to create the Disney100 Churro, now available at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

Disney100 Churro – $6.75

Rolled in Cherry Sugar drizzled with White Icing and topped with Purple and Silver Pearls

disney100 churro 2

This celebratory churro is traditional in taste, rolled in purple cherry sugar that is fragrant but not very fruit-forward. This Disney100 snack is very sweet and it seems the cherry flavor is too faint to balance out its sugary sweetness.

disney100 churro 3

The icing drizzle on top is just enough to help up the sugar level once more, but not distracting or overdone. The purple and silver pearls make this treat a definite Instagram-worthy 100 Years of Wonder snack, but the decorations are the most significant additions that truly make this churro stand out from the many different flavors introduced across the Disneyland Resort and its festivals.

disney100 churro 5

Overall, we enjoyed the Disney100 churro, but we’re not sure if it’s unique enough to stand out among the many snacks of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration. While it’s probably going to be a hit for those looking for a quick burst from a sugary snack, the faint cherry taste and festive pearls may not be enough to warrant the elevated price tag when compared to other specialty churros available across the park.

disney100 churro 1

You can find this Disney100 Churro in Disneyland at the churro carts in Town Square on Main Street U.S.A., as well as in Tomorrowland. Over in Disney California Adventure, they’re available at the churro carts near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail and Goofy’s Sky School, as well as the one in Hollywood Land.

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