REVIEW: Lucky 8 Lantern Returns With All-New Menu for 2023 Lunar New Year Festival at Disney California Adventure

Returning to the 2023 Lunar New Year Festival, located in Disney California Adventure, is the food booth Lucky 8 Lantern. For the 2023 festival, we must have gotten lucky, as the food menu and beverage menu are completely new this year!

Lucky8Lantern LunarNewYear FoodBooth2023

Menu for Lucky 8 Lantern in Disney California Adventure for Lunar New Year 2023

Lucky8Lantern LunarNewYear Menu2023


  • 🆕 Quesabirria Egg Roll with Guajillo Pepper ConsomĂ© – $9.00
  • 🆕 Mandarin Mousse Cake – $6.25


  • 🆕 Coconut-Lavender Matcha Foam Iced Coffee – $6.50

Photos of Menu Items for Lucky 8 Lantern in Disney California Adventure for Lunar New Year 2023

*NEW* Quesabirria Egg Roll with Guajillo Pepper ConsommĂ© – $9.00

filled with Oaxaca Cheese, Beef Birria and a Side of Guajillo Pepper Consommé

DLR DCA 2023 LNY Lucky 8 Lantern 10

We were apprehensive about trying this one at first. The fusion dishes that have come out of this festival have been somewhat disappointing (see: pizza bao), and we weren’t expecting much from this. What we did not expect was for the egg roll wrapper to be so much like a fried chimichanga wrapper so as to lose the Asian influence entirely.

DLR DCA 2023 LNY Lucky 8 Lantern 12

This does taste just like a tiny chimichanga with extra crispy wrapping, and the consommé dipping sauce just goes to reinforce that connection as a salsa. So, that being said, this is a delicious tiny chimichanga. We thoroughly enjoyed the shredded beef and cheese, crunchy exterior, and delicious roasty salsa consomme dipping sauce.

*NEW* Mandarin Mousse Cake – $6.25

Layers of Mandarin Mousse with Vanilla Cake and Clementine Compote, finished with White Chocolate Crunch Balls and a Tangerine Glaze

DLR DCA 2023 LNY Lucky 8 Lantern 14

This might be our favorite sweet treat from the festival. It’s delicate and jiggly, very satisfying to cut into.

DLR DCA 2023 LNY Lucky 8 Lantern 17

Between the mousse and compote inside and the glaze, it has that very specific tangerine citric oil flavor that you find in a fresh Mandarin, as opposed to a sweeter and less sharp orange.

DLR DCA 2023 LNY Lucky 8 Lantern 19

The fact that they were able to replicate that scent and sensation in this treat is enough for us to be impressed, but then it’s backed up with a delicious, sweet, and delicate flavor that makes it a real winner for us.

*NEW* Coconut-Lavender Matcha Foam Iced Coffee – $6.50

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.® French Bistro Blend, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, and White Chocolate Sauce, garnished with Lavender Matcha, Coconut Foam, Sea Salt, and Purple Sanding Sugar

Whereas flavored coffees often skimp on the coffee notes in favor of the flavor, this one goes to the other extreme. The coconut and lavender are entirely lost, but there is a subtle hint of matcha in the cream. We can’t complain about a good cup of coffee, but it’s not worth it when there are better beverages to be found at the festival.

In previous years, this booth served shrimp fried rice and beef bulgogi short rib, and honestly, we can’t say that we missed either of those dishes, and we’re excited to see new things on the menu for Lucky 8 Lantern. We recommend the Pineapple Baijiu Cocktail from Wrapped With Love instead or the Green Tea Horchata from the Pacific Wharf Capuccino Cart for a non-alcoholic option.

The Lunar New Year festival is running from January 20 through February 15, 2023.

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