REVIEW: Sweet New Peach Cobbler Churro Arrives at Disney California Adventure

Spencer Lloyd

REVIEW: Sweet New Peach Cobbler Churro Arrives at Disney California Adventure

Looking to have a more fruity-sweet churro this winter at Disney California Adventure rather than something more chocolatey? Well fear not, the Redwood Creek Trail Challenge Churro Cart in Grizzly Peak is ready with a new Peach Cobbler Churro for the winter 2023 season. Let’s give it a try and see whether it holds up!

Peach Cobbler Churro – $6.75

Classic Churro topped with Peaches, Whipped Topping, and Streusel

PeachCobblerChurroDCA 1

The churro cart is located near the entrance to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trails, which is in Grizzly Peak. The cart very prominently says “Churros,” making it difficult to miss.

PeachCobblerChurroDCA 2

This specialty churro isn’t much more than a traditional churro served with a side of canned peaches and whipped topping. The flavors don’t really go together, and the peach is so sparse and subtle that it doesn’t really combine with the churro so much as just sit alongside it.

PeachCobblerChurroDCA 3
PeachCobblerChurroDCA 4

The whipped topping is nice, and that really goes further to coating the churro then the peach sauce does. But overall, a classic churro is going to be great and this isn’t much more than that. You’d probably be better served going with a Strawberry or Sour Cherry Churro, both available across the Esplanade at Disneyland.

What are your thoughts on the new Peach Cobbler Churro? Let us know in the comments below!

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