Sonny Eclipse Hidden, Stage Covered in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe For Over 10 Days

Sonny Eclipse, the famous singing animatronic who plays at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom, has been hidden by curtains for over 10 days.

We tweeted about Sonny being hidden on January 16 and he continues to be on hiatus today, January 26.

sonny eclipse missing 8221

The black curtains are on wheeling frames. Sonny’s silver platform is still visible beneath the curtains.

sonny eclipse missing 8223

Usually, Sonny is lifted into the ceiling of Cosmic Ray’s when he’s on break. This opens up a stage below for dance parties and other entertainment to perform in the quick-service restaurant.

sonny eclipse missing 8225

We would guess Sonny and his equipment are undergoing some sort of refurbishment.

sonny eclipse missing 8227

Sonny usually performs an approximately 26-minute set on loop throughout the day. His set consists of eight songs written by George Wilkins and Kevin Rafferty, including “My Name is Sonnny Eclipse,” “Hello Space Angels,” and “Yew Nork, Yew Nork.”

sonny eclipse missing 8228

Sonny’s “cousin” is Officer Zzzzyxxx, an animatronic that appeared at the Tokyo Disneyland version of Star Tours until 2012. He was created using the same mold as Sonny so they share a face.

Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray's

Here’s how Sonny usually looks at his circular piano, with his name on display behind him.

Sonny is now featured on a poster in the Merchant of Venus seating area in Tomorrowland.

Last summer, the musician Kal David who voiced Sonny Eclipse passed away at age 79.

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