Experiment 626 Is On The Loose Along The Walt Disney World Monorail Beam

We’ve found the culprit responsible for the Walt Disney World Monorail downtime this weekend: Stitch! We saw him causing trouble on a Monorail track above the Transportation and Ticket Center.

stitch plush monorail track 4805

Okay, what we really saw was a Stitch plush that somehow ended up under the high voltage beam of the express Monorail near the TTC.

stitch plush monorail track 4806

Stitch probably would have had to have been thrown up at the beam or dropped from the open door of a Monorail.

stitch plush monorail track 4808

Walt Disney World Monorails returned to service after being down for less than a day, but the Monorails continue to move slowly with several stops and starts. The Stitch plush probably isn’t really behind the issues — but that’s also what Stitch would want us to think.

We hope the kid or kid-at-heart who lost their Stitch plush is able to someday be reunited.

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