PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full Tour of Toadstool Cafe at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood

Let’s take a look around Toadstool Cafe, which has opened with the rest of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood for technical rehearsals. The restaurant is known as Kinopio’s Cafe in Universal Studios Japan (Kinopio is Toad’s Japanese name), where it has a different menu, too. But both versions are almost identical in appearance.

Toadstool Cafe Exterior

USH SNW Super Nintendo World stock Toadstool Cafe

Guests in outfits reminiscent of Chef Toad’s costume stood at the entrance to greet guests. The cafe is shaped like a toadstool with a large, wood-esque archway. Two blue lampposts with Super Stars sit on “grass” on either side, with planters behind them. The planter on the left hosts the menu, while the planter on the right has a Toad topiary.

ush snw toadstool cafe 0155

The Team Members wear red chef hats with matching pants and aprons. Their chef coats are white with red accents.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3347

Here’s how it looks illuminated at dusk.

ush snw toadstool cafe 0161

They have menus available to preview before you enter. Stay tuned to our full review of all the specialty dishes and drinks on the menu.

Toadstool Cafe Interior

ush snw toadstool cafe 5763

The cafe entrance is decorated in shades of faux-woodgrain with checkerboard walls in peach, white, and light pink.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3277 edited

A carving of Toad is above the doorway.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5766

The host stand has another Toad carving with spiral columns encasing an engraved leaf.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5767

The faux woodgrain themes continue through the dining areas. The floor is done in contrasting shades between seating areas and walkways. Large columns with carved spirals in shades of pink break up the area, along with archways with the spiral wood designs. The walls in the main dining area is has pastel polka dots against a white background.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3292

In the center of the main dining area, a large wooden post rises up. A Super Mushroom has seemingly arrived via warp pipe.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5769

Above is the underbelly of the toadstool, featuring art of other power ups. Clockwise from the top are images of a Super Leaf, a Yoshi egg, a Super Acorn, a Super Mushroom, a Turnip, and a Fire Flower.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5771

The Toad carving makes another appearance at the condiment station.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3311

The trash and recycling bins have framed images of Banana Peels. A little Toad carving adorns the top of the station, above the shelf for trays.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5773

The “windows” give you a look into the Mushroom Kingdom. Above the wall booths are lamps whose shades are shaped like red Yoshi eggs.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5779 edited

These booths have wooden frames and tables, with green padded bench seats.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5780
ush snw toadstool cafe 5774

Some of the windows also look into the kitchen, where Toads are hard at work preparing meals.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5783
ush snw toadstool cafe 5777

Curved, larger booths encircle the center. These have wood half-circle tables, with red padded bench seating, striped backing, and polka dot trim.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5784

There was also a small, private room with crescent booths. It was roped off during out visit.

ush snw toadstool cafe 5785

The rest of the dining space is occupied by four-top square tables. The chairs have curved backs, with ball-shaped accents.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3263

The registers, where you place your orders, are set into a long counter. Each station has a lighted number.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3260

The shelves behind the counter are lined with power-ups. From left to right, top to bottom, we spotted a Turnip, a Super Leaf, a Yoshi egg, a Super Acorn, a Super Mushroom, a Super Bell, a Fire Flower, and a Mini Mushroom.

ush snw toadstool cafe 3265
ush snw toadstool cafe 3267
ush snw toadstool cafe 3270
ush snw toadstool cafe 3272
ush snw toad portrait 152509 edited

A portrait of Chef Toad hangs over the mantle of a faux-fireplace.

Watch our video walkthrough of Toadstool Cafe below.

Stay tuned for our full review and more Super Nintendo World coverage.

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