Adorable Pokémon, Mario, ‘Sing,’ & More Food and Merch Announced for ‘NO LIMIT! Parade’ at Universal Studios Japan

With its debut just under three short weeks away, Universal Studios Japan is gearing up for its exciting new “NO LIMIT! Parade,” which features characters from franchises like Super Mario, Pokémon, “Sing,” the Minions, and many more. As part of the new daily daytime parade’s debut, new food and merchandise themed to each franchise featured in the show will be available around the park starting March 1!

We’ve broken down each of the new offerings by which franchise they correspond to below.

Super Mario


USJ NoLimitParadeFood 5
USJ NoLimitParadeFood 4

At the popcorn cart near the park’s entrance, two new cookies will be available themed to power-ups from the game — Fire Flowers and Super Stars to be specific.


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 14

The Mario merchandise is set to capture the aesthetic of the Mario float. First up on the list is this headband, which features a Rainbow Road-inspired headband with a plush Banana, Boomerang Flower, Super Star, and Fire Flower all attached on top.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 15

We also have a keychain with rainbow block patterns along with a banana peel and green shell.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 16

Shimmering plush badges of the Super Star and Spiny Shell are both also available.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 17

Finally, guests can store their tickets in this Rainbow Road-inspired ticket holder with a retractable lanyard.



All three food items will be available at the cart in front of Hollywood Dream: The Ride.

USJ NoLimitParadeFood 7

“NO LIMIT! Parade” is the first introduction of Pokémon to Universal Studios Japan, so naturally it’s receiving quite a bit of attention. First up in the food slate is this adorable Pikachu Butt Pizza Bun, with Pikachu’s lightning bolt-like tail attached to a yellow bun with brown marks to represent his stripes.

USJ NoLimitParadeFood 6

Also coming is this adorable Squirtle Churro, which comes in a vanilla flavor with icing to represent his Bubble Beam attack.

USJ NoLimitParadeFood 3

And finally, guests will find Bulbasaur immortalized as an adorable sipper!


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 2

While the food for “NO LIMIT! Parade” highlights several different Pokémon, the merchandise is all about Pikachu, the series’ mascot! This adorable headband features Pikachu ears with a stuffed Pikachu atop and starburst patterns sewn on the band.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 1

This hooded T-shirt features Pikachu’s face and ears on the hood along with a multicolored “Pokémon” at the center and a design of the iconic Electric type bursting out of his Poké Ball below.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 3
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 4

A keychain and a strap plush will also be available.



At Pop-A-Nana in Minion Park, guests will find this disco-inspired Minions popcorn bucket with a Minion wearing a satin shirt and white pants. Tim’s rocking some green shades as well!


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 9

As the Minions are the most popular characters at Universal Studios Japan, they’re of course set to get the most merchandise. First up is this disco Minion headband, which features disco balls for the ears and a plush disco Minion atop the fluffy black headband.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 10
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 11

Keychains both plastic and plush will also come to the park.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 12
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 13

If you’re more the tchotchke type, this bubble wand and stuffed strap may be more your speed.



USJ NoLimitParadeFood 11

At the churro cart nearest to “Sing on Tour” in the New York area will live this new “It’s Showtime!” Sing Cocoa Churro, complete with the crescent moon on which Buster stands during the show.


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 18
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 19

Considering “Sing on Tour” already has quite a bit of merchandise still available at the park, the new additions for the parade are comparably slim. A new set of plush badges as well as a set of patches will both be on offer.



USJ NoLimitParadeFood 9

When passing by the Universal Monsters Live Rock ‘n’ Roll Show in the Hollywood area, a quick stop at the cart nearest the entrance will reward you with this new Snoopy Smile Milk & Chocolate Chip Donut!


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 20

Snoopy’s getting his flower power on with the new merchandise for “NO LIMIT! Parade.”

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 21
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 22
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 23

Flowers and pastel colors adorn the pouch, lanyard, headband, and strap plush which will all be part of the new line.

Sesame Street


USJ NoLimitParadeFood 8

You can get that extra sugar rush needed to party with the Sesame Street crew from the cart nearest to Studio Stars Restaurant. The new “Let’s Dance!” Sesame Street Orange Cupcake will be available there!


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 24
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 25

Sesame Street also gets some apparel, with a black T-shirt and cap both reading “Let’s Play!” and featuring the costumes Cookie Monster and Elmo will wear in the parade.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 26
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 27

Like the other franchises, there’s also a set of plush badges and a keychain.

Hello Kitty


USJ NoLimitParadeFood 10

Looking for a quick bite? Why not try the Hello Kitty’s Sparkling Ribbon Cheese & Pork Bun from the cart near Studio Stars Restaurant?


USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 5

Hello Kitty also gets her own T-shirt for the parade, this time an off-pink color with a sparkling diamond right at the center.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 6

She also gets a shimmering headband featuring that same sparkling ribbon and a little plush on top in a dress that somewhat brings to mind Princess Peach.

USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 7
USJ NoLimitParadeMerch 8

A keychain and set of plushes are also set to be available.

NO LIMIT Parade Concept Art

The “NO LIMIT! Parade” is the first parade in the history of theme parks to feature both a Mario float and a Pokemon float all in one parade. It also features the largest lineup of characters in Universal Studios Japan’s history. This spectacular parade will bring together popular characters loved by young and old alike, including Minions, the singers from “SING,” Snoopy and his Peanuts friends, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, and many others. The parade’s soundtrack features a mix ranging from 1960s rock to modern EDM and everything in between, providing sounds that can be enjoyed across all ages!

Guests can enjoy the “NO LIMIT! Parade” daily around the parade route of Universal Studios Japan starting March 1.

Are you excited to pick up the new merchandise or see the “NO LIMIT! Parade?” Let us know in the comments below!

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