Cast Members Now Eligible for 50% Off Discount on Merchandise

Justin Giglio


Cast Members Now Eligible for 50% Off Discount on Merchandise

Although Disney is refusing to offer “even one cent” wage increase in their negotiations with Cast Members, they are offering Cast Members 50% off their purchases. The discount is available online at shopDisney through February 26, 2023, and at Disney Parks through March 7.


Cast Members traditionally receive a 40% off merchandise discount during the holiday season, and that discount ends today.

This discount is coming on the heels of some controversy regarding wages for Cast Members, who protested in November against Disney’s reluctance to raise wages amid inflation concerns and the rise on cost of living in the Orlando area with signs that read “Full-time can’t buy diapers!” and “Full-time can’t buy formula!” among others.

“Give us a livable wage, that’s all we ask,” Nicholas Maldonado, a Cast Member at an outlet store, told Spectrum News. “We love what we do but how can we continue to make magic if we are continuing struggling?”

Last night on News Today with WDW News Today, Tom went on his longest and most heated rant ever regarding the current state of things regarding Cast Member wages. Check out the full video below.

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