Disneyland Paris Guest Livestreams With Insane, Homespun Multi-Camera Rig, Shushes Children

Twitter user Paul Young shared photos of a guest at Disneyland Paris with a large rig of several recording devices set up to livestream the “Avengers: Power the Night” drone show at Walt Disney Studios Park.

dlp tower of terror camera rig 1
Source: Paul Young

Young said in his first tweet that the guest “thinks it’s ok to shush children in a theme park while he’s doing a live stream” and added in his Twitter replies that “He shut up pretty quick once I laughed and just said no.” Young is visiting the resort with his two young children.

dlp tower of terror camera rig 2
Source: Paul Young

Young shared a close-up photo of the rig, which includes five smartphones (one just to display the time), three different types of cameras, and a shotgun microphone. At least six devices were being used to stream or record at once.

Twitter user @_Orelseum said in a reply, “I’m one of the fireworks tech [sic] on this show. We had not yet started any procedures at all when we saw this guy install his equipment four hours before the show on the way to our lunch.”

Multiple people in the replies said they had encountered this guest before. He reportedly wears apparel with “Cast Member” printed on it so people think he is operating in an official capacity. In these photos, he’s wearing a Cast Member exclusive jacket.

Professional recording and some large filming equipment are not allowed in Disney Parks, but as Young said in one reply, “No professional would do this”.

“Avengers: Power the Night” premiered in late January as part of the resort’s 30th anniversary “Grand Finale.” This new show features drones depicting Spider-Man, Captain America’s Shield, Mjolnir, Nick Fury, and many other symbols of the franchise as firework flares shoot from the Tower of Terror and projections cover its surface. Iconic quotes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are played over snippets of scores from the various MCU films. It’s scheduled to run nightly through May 8, 2023.

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