NEW Limited Edition Peter Pan, Star Wars, and Disney100 Pins Arrive at Disneyland


NEW Limited Edition Peter Pan, Star Wars, and Disney100 Pins Arrive at Disneyland


NEW Limited Edition Peter Pan, Star Wars, and Disney100 Pins Arrive at Disneyland

We stopped by Disneyland Park today and spotted several new limited edition and limited release pins for sale! Let’s take a look.

Limited Release Peter Pan Mystery Pin Set — $24.99

limited edition

Off to Neverland! You can fly to 20th Century Music Company at Disneyland to snag this mystery pin set!

pin roundup2951

Each box contains two of ten different pin designs featuring characters from Peter Pan.

pin roundup2956
pin roundup2957
pin roundup3001

Limited Edition Prince John Bobblehead Pin — $19.99

pin roundup3022

This “dancing characters” pin is a fun bobblehead version of Prince John from Robin Hood!

pin roundup3029

Prince John’s head moves just like a bobblehead figure!

pin roundup3112

This pin is a limited edition of 4000.

pin roundup3101

Limited Edition Toydarian Toymaker Pin — $19.99

pin roundup3132

This limited edition of 3000 pin celebrates Toydarian Toymaker, a retail location on Batuu in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

pin roundup3140
pin roundup3207

Limited Edition Black Panther Pin — $19.99

pin roundup3228

Wakanda forever! This limited edition of 6000 pin features the mask of the Black Panther!

pin roundup3307

Limited Release Black Panther Pin — $17.99

Limited Release Star Wars BB-8 Valentine Pin — $17.99

pin roundup3350

Valentine’s Day is later this month, and this limited release pin is perfect for the Star Wars significant other in your life. BB-8 is surrounded by the words “BB mine”.

Limited Edition Peter Pan 70th Anniversary Hook & Smee Pin — $19.99

pin roundup3412

The next three pins all celebrate the 70th anniversary of the classic Disney animated film “Peter Pan”. This pin is a limited edition of 4000 and features Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

pin roundup3440

Limited Release Peter Pan 70th Anniversary Pan & Wendy Pin — $17.99

This limited release pin features the scene from “Peter Pan” when Peter rescues Wendy after she is “shot” out of the air by the Lost Boys acting at the behest of Tinker Bell.

Limited Edition Peter Pan 70th Anniversary Lost Boys Pin — $54.99

pin roundup3513

This pin gave us sticker shock! This limited edition of 2000 pin features John, Michael, and the Lost Boys “following the leader”. It is selling for a whopping $54.99! The Cast Member we talked to even called to confirm it wasn’t a misprint, and it is not.

pin roundup35400

Limited Release Ariel FigPin — $24.99

pin roundup3602

We also spotted four new “FigPin” pins. These are oversized character figure pins that even feature a stand so that they can stand on their own. This one is of Princess Ariel in her pink ballroom gown.

Limited Release Ursula FigPin — $24.99

pin roundup3645

This FigPin is of the sea witch, Ursula. It would make a great set to match with the Ariel FigPin!

Limited Release Mickey Disney100 FigPin — $24.99

pin roundup3619

The Disney100 “100 Years of Wonder” celebration is in full swing at Disneyland, and the next two pins are limited release pins that celebrate with characters in their new garb! Here Mickey Mouse is rocking his purple and silver outfit.

Limited Release Minnie Disney100 FigPin — $24.99

pin roundup3634

A retro Minnie Mouse Disney100 FigPin is also available!

Which of these new pins do you plan to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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