Silver Screen Snacks Stand Removed From Universal Studios Florida

The Silver Screen Snacks stand that used to be near the entrance to Universal Studios Florida, in Production Central, has been removed.

usf stand demolished construction walls 3915

Construction walls wrap around the street corner where the stand used to be, a few steps from the Hello Kitty Store. We know it’s gone because it previously peeked out above the walls.

usf stand demolished construction walls 3914

The stand was, as the name suggested, silver with a film reel showing people with Coca-Cola bottles along the bottom. It sold Coca-Cola products as well as snacks like pretzels, churros, and chips.

usf stand demolished construction walls 3920

The tip board that displays attraction wait times is also behind the construction walls, which wrap around the side of the Betty Boop store.

usf stand demolished construction walls 3921

The store is still open. The door is in the gap between these construction walls and the Villain-Con Minion Blast construction walls.

usf stand demolished construction walls 3923

A temporary snack stand is on the street in front of the construction walls.

At least part of Production Central will become Illumination Avenue, housing Minion Cafe and Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast. It’s possible Silver Screen Snacks was removed to carry the Minion theme down the full street. Check out our most recent construction update about the Minion projects.

The Gramercy Park food booths farther down the park’s entrance thoroughfare were also recently demolished.

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