Sunglass Outfitters Truck Moves Into Disney Springs as Sunglass Hut Building is Gutted

A week ago, we noted that Sunglass Icon by Sunglass Hut at Disney Springs had closed and construction walls were up around it. Signage has since been torn down from the building and a Sunglass Outfitters truck has moved into Disney Springs.

sunglass outfitters demo 3703

The façade of Sunglass Icon has been destroyed, leaving just black fabric over the wood paneling and windows of the building.

sunglass outfitters demo 3696

Some windows and the entrance have been torn out, giving us a small look inside, which appears to be gutted.

sunglass outfitters demo 3697

Yellow work lights have been hung inside.

sunglass outfitters demo 3698

Wires are dangling over the spot where the doors used to be.

sunglass outfitters demo 3699

There are construction notes written on the right side of the black tarp.

sunglass outfitters demo 3701

It’s not clear if Sunglass Icon is permanently closed or being completely remodeled. A different business may move into the space.

sunglass outfitters truck 3686

Sunglass Outfitters by Sunglass Hut is a new truck parked near Aerophile’s helium balloon ride.

sunglass outfitters truck 3685

This is right next to Sunshine Churros.

sunglass outfitters truck 3687

The side of the truck opens up to showcase various sunglass styles.

sunglass outfitters truck 3688

There is also sometimes an umbrella to provide extra shade.

sunglass outfitters truck 3690
sunglass outfitters truck 3691
sunglass outfitters truck 3692
sunglass outfitters truck 3694

Sunglass Hut also operates Island Supply inside Magic Kingdom park.

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