‘Trolls’ Removed, Minions, E.T., JAWS, and More Added to Wossamotta U at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The interior of Wossamotta U in Universal’s Islands of Adventure has been updated to no longer include “Trolls” theming. The old “Secret Life of Pets” decals have also been removed, but the new theming still includes “Secret Life of Pets,” plus Minions, E.T., “How To Train Your Dragon,” and other Universal properties.

wossamotta u ioa 3340

Wossamotta U is a store in Toon Lagoon. For this unfamiliar, it is the alma mater of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

wossamotta u ioa 3337

The flats on the walls indicate where merchandise from each IP is located in the store.

wossamotta u ioa 3331

In one corner is the shark from “Jaws” and a small amount of “Jaws” merch.

wossamotta u ioa 3334
wossamotta u ioa 3330

Next to Bruce the Shark is E.T. against a red background.

wossamotta u ioa 3329

He’s pictured holding a pot of geraniums. Despite being in Toon Lagoon, live action films are represented with animated versions of their main characters.

wossamotta u ioa 3314

There are some solid color backgrounds showing off merchandise between the flats of characters.

wossamotta u ioa 3324
wossamotta u ioa 3323

Max and Gidget from “The Secret Life of Pets” are at the back wall against a pink background.

wossamotta u ioa 3332
wossamotta u ioa 3326

Two blue squares are to the sides of a yellow background with a Minion standing in front of it.

wossamotta u ioa 3313
wossamotta u ioa 3327
wossamotta u ioa 3339

Near the register is a “Jurassic World” flat.

wossamotta u ioa 3325

It features the four velociraptors, including Blue, from the first “Jurassic World” film.

wossamotta u ioa 3336
wossamotta u ioa 3318

In the corner is Hiccup and Toothless from “How To Train Your Dragon.”

wossamotta u ioa 3317

For reference, here are photos of Wossamotta U from 2020:


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