RUMOR: AVATAR 3 Could Have a 9-Hour Directors Cut Coming To Disney+ as a Limited Series

The fans of the AVATAR movie series may in the future get a chance to AVATAR 3 in theaters, but also as a 9-hour director cut as a limited series on Disney+ after the theatrical release.

AVATAR 3 – Limited Series?

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A recent podcast “The Hot Mic with Jeff and John” Jeff Sneider stated a rumor that director James Cameron of the AVATAR series of films stated that James Cameron has wanted to have a 9-hour director cut of the third film. That he would film the entire movie for a length of 9 hours, which would include completing the visual effects for the entire run time.

Avatar 3

The film release would be edited to a shorter version of the content for the theatrical release of the movie, and all of the additional footage could then be released as a limited series just for Disney+. This would be a great way to provide the fans of the franchise more opportunity to dive into the world of AVATAR and experience the full story arc that James Cameron had intended for the movie.

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The latest release of the AVATAR movie franchise hit theaters in 2022, grossing over 2.3 billion worldwide. This also makes the second film the third highest-grossing film of all time. The possibility of the third film providing a series-length version of the film would allow Disney to gain more views and subscriptions to the service.

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If this rumor comes true, and the series does release to Disney+ as Jeff Sneider of “The Hot Mic” says, this could open up opportunities for spin-offs of the movie franchise. Disney has had success with Marvel and the limited series and series such as WandaVision in 2021, which has spawned a spin-off on its own Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

This could be a good move for Disney and the Disney+ streaming service to create a new series, and continue to expand on the universe of AVATAR that has already been established. It could bring in fans of the movies to the streaming service that may have not already been subscribed.


The next installment in the movie franchise is expected in “December 2024” as long as there are no delays in production. Filming for the second and third films took place from 2017 through 2022 in New Zealand and both films were recorded alongside one another.

Returning characters Jake Sully and Neytiri will appear in the third installment, also it is known that Miles ‘Spider” Socorro played by Jack Champion will also be returning for the next film.

Although the third movie has not been given an official title James Cameron did reply to a report from the BBC that the next movie would be AVATAR: The Seed Bearer stating that the title is “in consideration” but has not been confirmed as of this time.

There are plans for two more sequels to the AVATAR movie franchise planned, 4 and 5 that at this time have no titles or release dates announced. With the success at the box office of the second film, the odds of the continuing saga of the movies could be just around the corner with the next two chapters possibly beginning production in the coming years.

Are you a fan of the AVATAR movies, and would you watch a limited AVATAR series on Disney+ of the 3rd film? Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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